A Roller Coaster Four Weeks

Today marks four weeks since my surgery.  I’ve always been different, but this AT story is very different.  I’m NOT an athlete, far from it.  Actually, I’m rather chubby - okay, I’m fat.  I’m not sporty, okay, I’m actually kind of lazy, and my achilles didn’t rupture, but was nearly gnawed in half by a bone spur-which they called a Haglund’s deformity.  I’ve had heel pain for about 3 years, really bad the last year.

I went to one ortho doctor for 9 months (about 5 appointments).  Finally switched to another ortho, who immediately said “SURGERY”.  Scheduled surgery for January 2, 2013.  Right around that time was when the roller coaster began.

I’ll go back and re-count my story later.  But, I will say that my heel/foot/leg feels SO MUCH better since surgery.  The surgery itself was a piece of cake (yum!)  compared to the pain that the bone spur was causing.  I was off of pain meds two days after surgery.  I have had to really discipline myself to stay put and elevate my foot this last month (yes, even though I said I was lazy, it’s been very hard to stay put and not go somewhere, do something!!!)  I’m an elementary teacher and I miss my kiddos a lot.   But, I’m four weeks in and I don’t really want to start over with this process, so I try my best to be good.

More on my story later.  The roller coaster rolls on.

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  1. Hey there Kelliblw…..I can spell roller coaster, I can say roller coaster, I know what roller coaster means! Heaven help us girl. I am 16 days post op and am frustrated beyond belief ..I too didn’t rupture my tendon….just, I guess you can say abused it with exercise….tearing it little by little and letting the poor tendon fend for itself….and repair itself by thickening and tried wavying it’s red “danger here….hey you…danger here” by becoming inflamed. I’ve always been overweight, but had joined a group in the new active adult community I moved to when I retired….and was having great success at weight loss and getting healthy and fit. I jumped into the program with both feet….just kind of went ‘Whole Hog”. And even though my heel was hurting I kept on exercising….duh! In the mean time my dad got very ill and I spent a lot of time down helping my mom and (not exercising or whatching what I ate….slowly going back to my old overweight self)…..chug chug chug…the roller coaster starts it’s way up the steep incline….then I lost my dad on March 1 and the roller coaster flew down the decline slope at lightning speed! Ankle and heel hurting all the while. On March 27th I had my torn tendon operated on and the emotions of the immobility on top of the emotional loss of my dad had just sent me in a loop….moves on a roller coaster that would have me screaming at the top of my lungs. It’s been helpful to read these blog posting to at least feel like someone out there knows what you’re going through. It’s helped me write on my other blog http://fitat99.blogspot.com (a motivational blog for ‘over 50’s” trying to get healthy and fit)….The more recent post I think have been more motivational for me than for anyone else. The sitting still with your foot elevated is just the pits, the having to have help taking a shower throws me into a tizzy (not that I don’t want anyone to see me…..after all it’s my husband)….I can’t explain it….it’s just kind of tough to except that you can’t even bath yourself. I can’t really even explain it. It helps sometimes to just cry! So do give more of your story…..I’d love to read it and share your frustrations…
    here, let’s ride this roller coaster together…

  2. torngoals,
    I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your father. My thoughts are with you. Please hang in there. My mom is in the hospital in ICU right now after having aortic aneurysm surgery. It was a scheduled surgery, and the aneurysm did not burst. But, with me in recovery, and her being 4 hours, away, I cannot be there. Thank God, my dad and my sister are there with her.
    I’ve had some very long, quiet days, but so far my recovery is coming along nicely, I just feel very guilty that I can’t be there.
    I know what you mean about having people have to help you. Before my mom’s surgery, my folks came for three days after my surgery. I have learned many tricks on how to do things for myself while on crutches. I even set up two bar cheap bar stools so that I could transfer myself into the shower so I could shower on my own!! GOOD LUCK with your recovery. I will keep up on your story !!

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