March 6, 2013 - Surgery day

March 6th couldn’t come soon enough for me.  I had already had to cancel my surgery twice, and it was so painful I couldn’t wait.  I had a teacher friend take me to the surgery center, which is located 2 hours away.  I was to be there by 8:30, surgery would be around 9:30.  The [...]

The Roller-Coaster Meets Mother Nature

I thought everything was all set.  I had re-scheduled my Haglund’s/achilles surgery for February 27th, 2013.  I had an appointment with the PA on the Friday before my scheduled surgery on the following Wednesday so he could give his okay on my recovery from shingles.  At this point, my heel/foot/leg hurt so bad, that I [...]

Scheduling Surgery for the 2nd Time !!

To review my ATR story:  I had crippled along for nearly 2 years and had gone through the list of non-surgical options with my family doctor, then the  first orthopedic doctor (heel cups, orthotics, cortisone shots, 25 visits of physical therapy, etc) none of which helped.  I finally changed ortho docs and had an MRI. [...]

Choosing A New Doctor

After crippling along from March, 2012 to November, 2012, I finally decided I could take it no longer.  I had been through 3 rounds (about 25 sessions) of physical therapy, had orthotics custom made, used heel cups, pain patches, and the pain had not subsided.  I asked my family doctor what she advised, and she [...]

The Roller-Coaster Ride Begins

April 18, 2013
Yesterday marked 6 weeks post op for me with achilles tendon/Haglund’s deformity surgery (surgery on March 6th, 2013).  I am progressing nicely with my recovery.  At times I have felt that this all was never going to end.  But, reading these stories has helped so much, so I wanted to share mine.  I [...]

A Roller Coaster Four Weeks

Today marks four weeks since my surgery.  I’ve always been different, but this AT story is very different.  I’m NOT an athlete, far from it.  Actually, I’m rather chubby - okay, I’m fat.  I’m not sporty, okay, I’m actually kind of lazy, and my achilles didn’t rupture, but was nearly gnawed in half by a [...]

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