My name is Keith and I live in central Pennsylvania.  I first ruptured my achilles on June 1, 2008.  I was in my FWB for about a week before I ruptured it again walking up the steps in my house WITHOUT the boot on July 24, 2008.  One half-hearted, lackadasical step with all my 220 pounds coming down upon it!  The second time was a tearing sound, as opposed to the first time POP sound.

I work as a bartender at night, and as a stay-at-home dad with my 2-year-old son during the day.  Obviously the summer of ‘08 made me an out-of-work, sit-at-home-dad, with a budding credit card debt!

I miss riding my bicycle.  I miss being around a water hose without being fearful.  I miss receiving a paycheck (don’t miss the actual “working” for the paycheck).  Most of all, I miss walking like a normal human being.

But, I’m remembering how to write something other than an email (that English degree may come in handy yet).  I’m trying to find the bright side of this experience.  I may not see it yet, but I’m sure it is to come.

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  1. KeithB,

    Sucks to have one but to have to undergo another is even worse. Have no real sermon for you other than there has to be a bright side…just keep looking. During my down time I pulled out my old saxophone and started up again. Find a new hobby, read, write but go slow this time around.
    Let us know how you’re doing.

    Doc Ross

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