Question about physical therepy?????

Posted on October 16th, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’ve been going to PT now for about 4 weeks/3 days/week.  Some stimulation, some heat pads, some light weight work for the calf and some biking….it’s actually very fun and relaxing.  But I’m just curious to hear from some other people as to how long you’ve gone to PT.  I know the entire rehab is a 12-18 month thing…we’re all painfully aware of that—but I’m more interested to hear how long people have gone through the PT section of this recovery.

Just curious if it’s a fairly set schedule or if it’s all across the board out there.

I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Keith,
    I’ve had PT once a week for 5 weeks and we are moving to every other week for a few sessions.
    I’m guessing that once you are back active, lost most of the inherant thickness of the achilles and built a bit of strength into the calf, that’s all they can do. Then it’s up to you to build it back fully.


  2. Keith,

    I’m 19 wks post-op and am still going to PT twice a week. I started at 9 wks. going 3 x’s per week for 6 weeks. These last 6 weeks, I have been going twice a week. I see my doc on Tuesday, to see if he thinks I need more. My PT says that I’ve come a long way, but more work to be done. I’m not a young person–50, and am still having thickness of achilles and pain in lower portion of incision….walking with quite a limp as well, and am about 12 degrees shy of neutral. It’s been a long and painful haul for me, but everyone is different and I don’t think you will find a set time-frame for PT… Good luck with your healing.

  3. Keith,
    Here’s my two and a half cents…
    PT is based more on individual recovery rates. If you start it in good shape then you won’t need to go as long. The goal of PT is to regain proper flexion and reasonable strength. After that it will be up to you. My PT seems to have a semi-rapid approach. She took me right to the bike, one and two leg presses, and most importantly - balance excercises. I’m not sure about you but my balance on the bad leg is terrible. It’s called proprioception. The ability of the muscles to fire correctly for you to maintain balance. If you think you are doing good, close your eyes and then try it. If you haven’t regained balance then definitely PT is not done.
    I am 10 weeks post op and have been going for only two weeks and have noticed a huge difference. My stride is almost normal until I am worn out at the end of the day. My PT says in 4-5 more weeks I should be done.
    Sadly enough, I wouldn’t doubt that some offices might suggest a few more seesions depending on how good the coverage is, if you know what I mean.
    Just like most of the steps to the recovery. Listen to your body. It’ll know what to do….and what not to do!!!!!
    Take care,

  4. I wonder what the earliest anyone has started PT, i guess its easier if you have a boot rather than 6-8 weeks of cast.

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