Had surgery for staph infection 3/26

Go Monday 4/8 for first check since surgery. Surgeon cleaned up the infection, had to remove 10cm of the AT and packed it with antibotic cement. I was sent home on six weeks of IV antibotic therapy. Hopefully in another eight weeks they will do the reconstruction surgery, with FHL transfer. Anyone had this much trouble with infection. I went a year without Dr. knowing it was there even though I had complained about discharge.

3 Responses to “Had surgery for staph infection 3/26”

  1. wow that sounds awful. good luck healing. How does the FHL tendon replace 10 cm of achilles? sounds crazy.

  2. Holy Crap! That’s a bad doctor especially if you complained about discharge. I am 16 months and had wound issues FOREVER and a day. You can read my blog. I pray all goes well for you!

  3. Good luck, kb, and stay sane! One step at a time, hope the infection is finally history for you.

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