The day nears

Met with the Specialist on Thurs. Surgery is scheduled for the 26th as long as the infection does not start spreading. It has stayed localized for a year so hopefully it will stay that way a little longer. The first phase of surgery they will clean it out, remove the portion of tendon that is comprised. Dr. said it was really a big mess and I shouldn’t have to go through this because of someone elses neglience. He said they would put antibotic cement to fill in the tendon gap. They will install a picc line for antibotics, I will stay in hospital a couple of days then if all goes well will be released to go home on the IV antibotics. If infection clears in six weeks they will do reconstruction with an FHL transfer. Minimum of 12 weeks NWB. I try not to think about it too much cause it REALLY freaks me out to think I have to fo through all this again. It also makes me angry that the episodes of draining I had last year that no one ever bother to culture and make sure the infection had cleared. It is hard not to feel a little sorry for myself, but trying to keep a stiff upper lip.!

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