Infection after a year

I had surgery a year ago for my ATR. Had a re rupture and now after all this new MRI shows fluid which was tested and shows a staph infection. Now Dr. wants to operate clean it up, remove the tendon and later do an allograft transfer. You are kidding me after a year. I just can’t go through this again.

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  1. Unlucky indeed. I have heard of this happening to someone else a year after the surgery, they told me right before my op which scared the life out of me. Hope you get the best advice on how to go forward.

  2. Have you had staph infections before? I’ve been told that once you have one, it can lay dormant in your body for years.

    I got a BAD staph infection in Italy (I believe I got it in an Italian hospital there after a motorcycle wreck). Didn’t really flare up until I got home; but I spent several days in the hospital, stateside, on heavy duty anti biotics to beat it.

    A couple years later, I got a bad contusion on my arm (no skin break, not even a scratch, just a bruise) - and I developed an internal staph infection again. Docs tell me it was almost certainly the old staph, hiding out, looking for trauma to exploit.

    I’m wondering why they want to remove the tendon!?!? Has the infection damaged the repair to the point that it can’t be salvaged? I would hope they could open it up, drain it, and use antibiotics to finish the job.

    Staph is nasty stuff, that’s for sure. Good luck!

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