Regression One Year Post Surgery?

In February 2016, I had an FHL tendon transfer to my poor shredded Achilles, calcaneal osteotomy for Haglund’s Deformity, and repair of my peroneal brevis tendon — all on the left side. My recovery was remarkable, and, after seven months (last September), I was symptom-free and the swelling was gone.

Fast forward to now. I have no problem walking, doing toe raises (even on the one foot that was the problem), and only occasional pain. I can walk a good distance without a problem. Yet, I have a huge bump on the back of the same heel, but on the opposite side, and the swelling has returned to the area of the peroneal brevis. (I did turn my ankle over about a month ago, which is when the swelling returned, although I never felt like I sprained it or anything like that.) My arch also cramps up badly, which causes the arch to, well, arch, and my big toe to bend down while the other toes remain in place. To address that, I either stand up with my foot flat on the floor or I rub it out.

I have an appointment with my surgeon next week. In the meantime, though, I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this bizarreness more than a year after what was, for all intents and purposes, a very successful surgery and outcome.  I’d like to get some thoughts in advance from fellow sufferers.


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  1. I have a bone spur (I would call it a bone LUMP) on both heels as well (well I had one on the right - it’s gone now!). The right was MUCH bigger than the left and was definitely impacting my ability to do a lot of things and giving me pains regularly so I had surgery to remove it. I can still wear closed heel shoes on my left foot and asked my surgeon when I should get the left bone spur removed. He said do it when I can’t stand it anymore. No guarantees that the surgery will turn out great. So far it has on my right. But there is risk so if my left heel bone spur ever gets as large as my right was then I’ll get it fixed. Until then I’ll just get my right foot/leg back to normal. But bumps on the heel can be things other than bone spurs so let the doc figure out what it is.

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