The Obligatory Fall and Fear for my FHL Tendon

Well, I’ve had the obligatory fall that so many write about. Actually, the fall to the floor was pre-empted by my casted foot, which has me worried. I’m almost 3 weeks post-op and in a hard cast with my foot positioned at 30 degrees equinus. My toes are sticking out.

As I crutched into the bathroom, I lost my balance and broke my fall by putting down my left foot, which is casted. As far as I can tell, all of my toes bent over (down and under), as my casted foot hit the ground. The pain was excruciating, and my big toe is clearly bruised. At this point, I cannot voluntarily point my toe down, although I’m not sure that I ever could or should be able to since the surgery.

Because my big toe is bruised, and I can’t move it, I’m extremely worried about the status of what remains of my FHL tendon, which controls the big toes (with another tendon) and part of which was removed and grafted onto my shredded Achilles. which, in connection with another tendon, controls the big toe.

I do plan to call the doctor’s office in the morning to report on this, but, in the meantime, does anyone on this site have any insight on what I have, or may have, done to myself and my recovery? I appreciate all of you and the contributions you make to this site.

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  1. Arg grannykat, so sorry about the fall! You are in a cast which should have protected your achilles and wound. I’m not sure about the FHL tendon transfer and what possible damage you could have in your big toe, but I really hope it’s just bruised from the hard landing! Let us know what the doc says. My thoughts are with you!

  2. GrannyKat, this is a bummer. During the recovery process we have to undo years of mobility habits that don’t work with the cast or the boot, which I think is why many Drs insist on a cast the first couple of weeks…
    I agree with beanie as to possible damage, and hope that by when you read this your Dr. has given you better info.
    Take care, and of course, the most useless yet popular phrase of caregivers: “be careful”. Which is followed in popularity by “Do not fall”.. ;-)

  3. OUCH!!!! That sounds terrible! I haven’t fallen all the way down. I’ve stumbled and put my surgery foot down with the boot on but haven’t gone all the way down. As my doctor said, “If you are going to smack your head and knock yourself silly then put your foot down! That’s why we have you in the boot(cast). It’s better than having a concussion to go with the foot issue.” His words not mine!

    Praying that you are just bruised but not “broken”. Hang in there!

  4. Hope you’ve heard from the doc by now. Stoved would be the best answer but I’m worried like the rest. Let us know. Hope you iced right away.

  5. I’m sorry that you fell….so scary. Have you heard from your doctor yet?
    Please let us know. Positive thoughts coming your way!


  6. Hello, everyone. Thank you all for your concern. I talked to the surgeon’s nurse yesterday. She said that because my cast is intact, I’m probably fine. She said that my black and blue toes are to be expected and that I should consider using one of those knee scooter things. The trouble is that I’d probably fall off that, too!

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  7. I LOVE my knee scooter!! SO much better than crutches! It makes life so much easier. I ordered mine from and wasn’t too expensive. I HIGHLY recommend it to ANYONE having foot surgery or issues. Hope you don’t have any more problems or falls! I know how easy it is to get off balance. I have almost fallen several times when I’m on the crutches especially. Just keep telling yourself S L O W DOWN!!! Hang in there!

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