Finally Taking Control — Surgically

Hello, Everyone!

What a great website! What a great service to those of us struggling with Achilles tendon issues!

My diagnosis is chronic insertional Achilles tendonosis, Haglund’s Deformity, and split peroneal brevis tendon — all on the left foot and ankle. I injured myself nearly five years ago (June 2011) when I began to train for a sprint triathlon. My goal was to compete in that event in celebration of the one-year anniversary of successful cancer surgery, which I had had in 2010.

I spent 2011 and much of 2012 trying to address my issues with PT. In the fall of 2012, I saw a surgeon who suggested debridement and a FHL tendon transfer. I decided to pursue alternative treatments, including PRP injections, a FAST procedure, and HAF injections. Finally, after years of pain and infirmity, I broke down and had surgery, on February 11, 2016. The surgeon repaired the split peroneal brevis tendon, did a calcaneal osteotomy, and reconstructed the Achilles by debridement and transfer of the FHL tendon.

I’m in a splint, on crutches, and elevating above the heart and will follow up with the surgeon on Wednesday of this week — February 24th. I have a severe case of cabin fever right now!

It’s great to be here!


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  1. Welcome to our group, Kat. As you can imagine, we don’t congratulate people on becoming members… though we do try to keep smiling throughout our recovery and rehab.
    Advice? Read lots of posts, specially of people who have had similar procedures to you. You should also stay in touch with our athletes of all ages, including a 65 year old who goes mountain climbing with a knee crutch! LOL
    We have hard core enthusiasts who use heavy backpacks to help their calves regain strength, and people who go swimming to do all around body work… Me? I’m hoping to be dancing again soon… have only danced three times since my rupture in early December, and one time it was with a crutch! LOL.
    Good luck with your recovery!………… Manny

  2. Thank you for your warm welcome, Manny, and for the suggestions. I’m so glad I found this site.

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  3. Kat,
    I just had debridement and reattachement surgery on Friday, Feb. 19. I am not a runner - I was in high school- but hope to get back to it with my best friend who had heart surgery 2 years ago. Our goal is to run the Indy Little 500 together. If not this year, hopefully the next! I live in Indiana and the weather isn’t conducive to training right now anyway - expecting 7″ of snow tomorrow!

    I’ve had issues with both feet for 7 years. Plantar facitis with up to 5 injections in each foot. Thought I was better but the bone spur on my right foot began aggrivating my foot about July of last year. Finally had to go to the doctor in late Dec. and schedule my surgery.

    I am a mom of 4 older kids - 31, 28, 25,and 17 and a wedding and event planner. Hoping to get back up and running soon.

    Since Friday it hasn’t been too bad. A couple of near falls and a few pinches of stinging pain. Doc has me on anti inflammation drugs and icing. Elevating and resting. Will go back on Friday for check up and will see if I can go PWB. So far I haven’t had much pain at all. I’ve found that reading, working on paper work and catching up on some sleep have kept me occupied so far. Hang in there.

  4. Thanks, crzykdsmom. PWB so soon perhaps? How awesome that would be! I would love to have a goal like yours, but since having such a goal was what got me into this mess in the first place, I’ll just be happy if I can take a pain-free, limp-free walk around the lake with my husband! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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  5. Hi Kat, I’m also a Haglunds chronic Insertional AT, didn’t need the FHL though. Week one and two were the worst for me, week three’s been pretty boring. I’m still NWB with splint as needed. Hopefully will progress to boot with next Thursdays doctor appointment

  6. I hope you progress to a boot, too. I’m in a cast for another 4 weeks. Good luck with your appointment next week!

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