First Shower

Today, I took my first shower since the February 11, 2016 surgery! No more sponge baths for me!!  The tools that helped with this great milestone are a wonderful plastic cast cover that I picked up at a medical supply store and which works like a charm, in addition to a shower chair. I feel [...]

Two Week Follow Up

I had my post-surgical two-week follow up visit yesterday. The first thing I had done was the removal of the half cast and dressing. I was horrified to see two large incisions — one for the Achilles reconstruction and the other for the peroneal repair. Between the two, there were 35 staples, and I’m not [...]

Finally Taking Control — Surgically

Hello, Everyone!
What a great website! What a great service to those of us struggling with Achilles tendon issues!
My diagnosis is chronic insertional Achilles tendonosis, Haglund’s Deformity, and split peroneal brevis tendon — all on the left foot and ankle. I injured myself nearly five years ago (June 2011) when I began to train for a [...]