bunny can’t hop

Hi all, this blog site is a great idea! So glad to see other people trading ideas, stories and humor… I’ve been 3 weeks in the plaster cast and starting to go out of my mind. Can’t write long, because (though I write for a living), sitting at the computer makes my foot swell up and hurt! Anyway, my nickname used to be the energizer bunny, and as it says, I now can’t hop, so don’t know how to charge my batteries anymore with such limited movement….maybe that’s just as well, because I’d probably injure something else if I were too energetic. Anyway, question for all you experts or more experienced people….when does physical therapy start? when the air cast comes on or after it comes off? How soon can I swim? What is it like to walk when you first get the air cast off? Feel free to answer just one…I know, I should read all the other blogs and comments to get answers, but right now, can’t stay on too long….I look forward to reading and writing more!

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  1. Just a quick reply, got to go and rest my leg! When I had the aircast boot I would take it off four or five times a day to do ankle circles and flex the foot, however I didn’t go to the physio clinic until I was completely out of the boot at 10 weeks post-op.
    At 6 weeks post-op my surgeon checked the wound and said I could go swimming - left the boot in the change room and carefully walked to poolside, use a crutch. Once in the water it felt great to exercise easily. Hope this helps, Good Luck.

  2. No one size fits all, just posted similar comments to kevlowry’s blog.
    I’m still coming to terms with my disaster today (which means a reset to zero!).

    I tried to ditch the boot too early and looks like it may have bitten me. I was able to swim when the wound was closed and I wasn’t wearing the boot.

    In the UK, physio doesn’t start until 6-7 weeks post-op, I pushed this and went privately, again maybe too soon!

    Going from NWB to boot feels good, you get some freedom back…ditching the boot brings you closer back to normality although you realise there is still a long way to go to repair. I’m so looking forward ot experencing it all again!

    Good luck with your recovery and I guess from my experience you might need a little patience.


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