Joining the Achilles blog for the first time!

I am  42-year-old mom with three kids aged ten, eight and six. On boxing day 2015 I was playing in the park with them and turned to run which is when my Achilles tendon tore.

Not wanting to ruin anyone’s day I ignored it and went home iced it and rested. The next day my foot had swollen and was very bruised. On the Monday I went to a doctor to get a note so we could cancel our ski trip for insurance purposes but it wasn’t until Wednesday that I got an ultrasound on it. Friday I was  sent to emergency and booked in to see an ortho Surgeon the next day. Basically I was in denial as I couldn’t believe it had happened to me! I had just qualified as a yoga teacher so had done a lot of stretching recently.

Luckily my husband had had several knee operations so we had crutches and a shower leg bag so I was able to move around a bit and keep my weight off it.

Long story short is that I waited until Monday 11th of January and then had surgery.  At first I wasn’t going to have surgery but after talking to lots of people decided this was definitely the best option. I’m not an athlete but I am active and have very active kids, and the risk of retearing was too high a chance for me to take!

Surgery went well so I am now recovering. Total time was less than an hour and the pain wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I took painkillers for two days but am not using anything  now. It’s exhausting getting around especially up and down stairs so I am basically just sitting on the sofa.

I have a splint on until my next appointment on 26 January when they will see how the operation went and then I will receive the next instructions for rehabilitation.

I came across this blog while waiting for surgery and really benefitted from reading everyone’s comments so thought I would start my own. I am under no illusions that this is going to be a short easy ride!

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  2. Hi Kat welcome to the group, sorry it is under such circumstances. I had surgery back on the 21st October 2015 so am 12 weeks into recovery. I’m an Aussie, went straight into a hinged ROM walker cast boot which I was in straight from surgery, with no wedges. I was encouraged to walk in boot as soon as pain would tolerate. Stitches out two weeks post surgery, boot off 8 weeks post surgery and back in two shoes since then. The first few weeks are the worst but it soon starts to get better from there and becomes an ongoing process of small milestones.
    If you have any concerns you will find everyone on this blog more than willing to support, obviously you will listen & work with your OS & physio, we are all experiencing different protocols, some conservative some not, but there is a lot of sharing of experience & hints & tips and importantly moral support & motivation. I know if feels very daunting at the beginning but I can truly say time does move on, weekly improvements happen and you constantly move towards your recovery goal. Keep your mind busy, stay disciplined be patient and try to keep your sense of humour in tact.
    Bio Oil or natural coconut oil is great to massage into your incision once your stitches are removed, great for healing and minimising inflammation and scarring. Vitamin C & magnesium great for internal healing & Vitamin B complex excellent for cellular renewal amongst other things. Hopefully you like pineapple as this has a substance that actually assists in tendon repair, Google pineapple and tendon repair, very interesting.
    A shower chair comes in really handy to minimise risk of slips in shower for the first month or so
    If you have an office chair with wheels that really helps in scooting around the house, frees your hands and gives you a break from crutches. Once you can walk unaided in boot things really start to feel much better and life becomes way less frustrating.
    I had trouble getting used to walking in the boot some find it easy some not so
    Remember to ask if you get stuck with anything as many have had the same experience & will help. Three responded to my SOS and with their help I got within the next two days, I was so excited and forever grateful.
    Chin up your already on the road to recovery , Robyn (bobbie24)

  3. Welcome Kat. I just joined the site this week also. I haven’t had my surgery yet but my injury is a spur tearing up my achilles tendon. I think one stays in denial until they actually come out surgery. I know that’s how I am feeling.
    Best wishes for an uncomplicated recovery.

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