Joining the Achilles blog for the first time!

I am  42-year-old mom with three kids aged ten, eight and six. On boxing day 2015 I was playing in the park with them and turned to run which is when my Achilles tendon tore.

Not wanting to ruin anyone’s day I ignored it and went home iced it and rested. The next day my foot had swollen and was very bruised. On the Monday I went to a doctor to get a note so we could cancel our ski trip for insurance purposes but it wasn’t until Wednesday that I got an ultrasound on it. Friday I was  sent to emergency and booked in to see an ortho Surgeon the next day. Basically I was in denial as I couldn’t believe it had happened to me! I had just qualified as a yoga teacher so had done a lot of stretching recently.

Luckily my husband had had several knee operations so we had crutches and a shower leg bag so I was able to move around a bit and keep my weight off it.

Long story short is that I waited until Monday 11th of January and then had surgery.  At first I wasn’t going to have surgery but after talking to lots of people decided this was definitely the best option. I’m not an athlete but I am active and have very active kids, and the risk of retearing was too high a chance for me to take!

Surgery went well so I am now recovering. Total time was less than an hour and the pain wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I took painkillers for two days but am not using anything  now. It’s exhausting getting around especially up and down stairs so I am basically just sitting on the sofa.

I have a splint on until my next appointment on 26 January when they will see how the operation went and then I will receive the next instructions for rehabilitation.

I came across this blog while waiting for surgery and really benefitted from reading everyone’s comments so thought I would start my own. I am under no illusions that this is going to be a short easy ride!