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Thanks for the responses to my first post. It’s a small world…I’m finding out thereĀ are a number of current or ex-patients of Achilles tendon repair out there in the world. My biggest question at present from those that have passed this way before me is: how long until I can expect to walk normally and without pain? I’m scheduled to go back to work May 28 and don’t see how in the world I am going to be able to walk on my feet for an 8-or 12-hour ER shift. Is recovery exponential, I hope? I’m still pretty stift-legged and get foot pain after short periods of walking. I start out fine and then as the day wears on the pain seeps in.

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  1. Karen,

    I’ve been walking in two shoes now for almost one week and my tendon is still very stiff and I have to walk with a big limp. I am also very slow. I too am wondering when this will get better and when I (we) can expect to have a more normal gait. When I have to walk any distance or go somewhere quickly, I put on my boot. I can walk pretty normally in that thing now.


  2. Hi Drew,

    Normal walking will happen when it happens. I am getting there after 2 weeks in 2 shoes, every day it improves little by little,.
    The one thing i have learnt through this is to be patient and it will happen ! :)


  3. Karen - just keep working at it. I’m at 13 weeks and not there yet. The ROM is fine. Strength is not there but getting better. I can now do heal raises and last week when I started strength work I could not. And my hip is weak so that affects my gait. Summing up: Patience is a virtue (and so is persistence).

  4. Karen,
    I’m 2 weeks in 2 shoes and still walking like the Tin Man. I keep telling myself this is a marathon, not a sprint, but it still gets frustrating.

    Stay patient. Your calf hasn’t forgotten the nasties you put it through over the last few months.

  5. Karen - after my morning stretch, my AT/heel feels at it’s best. But as you mentioned, the more I’m on my feet (either in the boot or shoe, the worse it feels…primarily sore heel as I can’t shift any weight to my toe yet because of the lack of calf strength. I don’t think the recovery curve is exponential…it’s more more linear, with the slope decreasing at each checkpoint (Boot, FWB, PT, Shoe, etc). Each stage seems to take longer and progress is harder to notice unless you look at bigger chunks of time. The good thing for me is to always remember that first few days out of surgery and I think, WOW! I sure have come a long way from there!

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