My left foot

I’m lucky my surgery is on my left leg. At least I have been able to drive for the past six weeks. How long before one can resume doing sports such as kayaking where you just need to push yourself out of the cockpit, etc.?

Walking Q’s

Thanks for the responses to my first post. It’s a small world…I’m finding out there are a number of current or ex-patients of Achilles tendon repair out there in the world. My biggest question at present from those that have passed this way before me is: how long until I can expect to walk normally and without pain? I’m scheduled to go back to work May 28 and don’t see how in the world I am going to be able to walk on my feet for an 8-or 12-hour ER shift. Is recovery exponential, I hope? I’m still pretty stift-legged and get foot pain after short periods of walking. I start out fine and then as the day wears on the pain seeps in.

My left foot

God, where was this blog 8 long weeks ago when I started this journey?! I am so-ooo glad I found this site. As the saying goes “misery loves company.” I had my surgery on March 12, 2008. I work as an ER nurse is a very busy metro hospital in Florida. My left ankle and leg hurt for the better part of year but I thought it was just from being on my feet for 12 hours a day, instead one day I had shooting white hot pain, couldn’t walk and I found out my tendon had ruptured. Less than a week later I went in for surgery. The Doc said it was one of the worse cases he’d ever seen. I had a nerve block inserted in my leg for five days post-surgery. That’s the way to go. I had a portable narcaine pain pump in a fanny pack that brought me a lot of relief. My entire tendon was blown, so it had to be rebuilt with a tendon transplant along with an upper calf muscle incision to loosen that muscle which was contracted. I also had a bone spur so that had to be removed and the tendon reattached through a hole drilled in my heel bone with absorbable screws. Unlike some of the rest of you, I work on my feet so getting back to work ASAP was a real concern. My doctor is agreeable to my returning to work after 10 weeks but just 8 hours a day, not 12 for a couple of weeks. The hospital is not happy. I’m a very active person so sitting at home for weeks with my leg elevated drove me crazy - and I was not prepared for the depression I felt. I spent two weeks in the post-op splint, and another two weeks in a hard cast, then on to the cam boot but I couldn’t walk without crutches or a walker. By week five I was in the pool playing one-legged water volleyball and swimming. The beginning of week 8 and I am finally walking without any apparatus of any kind - what a milestone! I’ve just finished week 2 of rehab (that’s killer too with the weights and stretching), but determined to go back to work on May 28. This is a great blog especially for those people early on in the healing process! Good idea

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