20 Weeks Post Op

Five months after surgery, my surgeon is letting me go. Saw him today and he told me I don’t need to come back unless I’m having problems and no more physical therapy will be prescribed. Going to miss those guys! At my last session earlier this week, they gave me a black Theraband as a [...]

17 weeks Post Op-Hiking Again

It’s been 17 weeks since surgery and 18 weeks since my injury. Life is getting close to being normal. For the last month, I’ve had three PT sessions a week where I made huge improvements after each session. At my appointment on Friday, my surgeon was pleased with the overall progress but prescribed 8 more [...]

13 weeks-Making Progress

Not a whole lot to report. PT is going pretty well, although combined with going back to work without the boot has my tendon sore and swelling. Initially, it was causing me to limp more than I want, but the limp seems to get better each day since I started PT.
However, yesterday’s session where [...]

11.5 weeks Post Op-Two Shoes!

Today, my surgeon okayed me going to two shoes. I didn’t tell him that I had pretty much ditched the boot all of the time except for the airport when traveling to San Diego for Christmas. I even took a 1 mile walk along Coronado Beach, then racked up 6400 steps along Crystal Pier. But [...]

8 Weeks-Pop Goes the Scar Tissue

I’m so ready to ditch the boot…I cannot wait until Dec 28…
My flight to Phoenix for Thanksgiving went really well. I had asked Southwest for special boarding, so I was wheeled through airports and got the good roomy seat in the first row of the plane. I had taken a hydrocodone on the way there, [...]

6 Week Post Op Appt

Had my 6 week followup appointment with the surgeon. He says everything looks good and is healing well. I asked him about the numbness and pain along the side of my foot to my ankle. He says that it’s probably a nerve and that it will get better over time. Nothing that is unexpected at [...]

5 weeks Post Op: Baby Steps

Tomorrow makes five weeks since surgery. And I figured out how to add pictures.
The steri-strips were still on after all this time, so I finally peeled them off.
The first picture is three days after surgery, before she put the steri-strips on.

This one is almost five weeks later. I’m really happy with how it’s healing! Still [...]

4 Weeks Post Op: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream?

It’s been four weeks since surgery. Each week gets a little better.
–Second week of driving. It’s getting easier, less tiring, with my injured foot. I’m still braking with my left foot most of the time, but by choice. I can generate enough pressure to brake fully, but my tendon doesn’t like the back and forth [...]

Almost 3 Weeks Post-Op and Driving!

Just last Sunday, I was feeling sorry for myself for being NWB and solely dependent on others. What a difference a week makes!
The doctor told me last Monday when he took out the staples that I could drive when I felt ready. However, I was still having quite a bit of pain and swelling, especially [...]

2 Weeks Post Op

Sunday, Oct 21
Staples come out tomorrow and I hope he allows me to PWB. I’ve been sleeping on the couch since surgery since my bedroom is upstairs and it’s just too hard to make that journey more than once a day to get clothes. I’ve showered a couple of times using a cast cover (I [...]