17 weeks Post Op-Hiking Again

It’s been 17 weeks since surgery and 18 weeks since my injury. Life is getting close to being normal. For the last month, I’ve had three PT sessions a week where I made huge improvements after each session. At my appointment on Friday, my surgeon was pleased with the overall progress but prescribed 8 more PT sessions. My strength markers are 3/5 and he wants to see them at least at 4/5. My ROM is back to normal, my balancing is much improved, and the swelling has mostly subsided. I only get swelling after a really long day, like after working all day and dancing at night. It’s a nice place to be!

He gave me permission to start running again, which is good because I broke out into a run the night before trying to get to my car to beat traffic leaving an event (hee hee). I’m still not able to do controlled single heel raises, but I can hop up off the heel. I can weakly walk on my toes. Every week, PT gives me an exercise that I can’t do (like walking on my toes), and by the next week, I’m able to do it. Two weeks ago, PT was giving me some serious swelling, along with just wearing tennis shoes while working all day. This past week, it literally took me dancing on it for it to bother me enough to ice it. The massages with the plastic tools, which is pure torture, is breaking up that scar tissue that was getting inflamed. I still have some lumps back there, both on my tendon and in the calf itself.

My limp is mostly gone. Later in the day, I have to concentrate more on my gait, so I only limp when I’m lazy and tired or when trying to walk too fast. Working on not doing that anymore. I do get pain going up the inside ankle bone when I spend too much time at dorsiflextion (squatting, standing in “the box” at PT). Even the therapist isn’t sure what’s causing that pain, although he suggested strain from overcompensating for my weak calf. Hopefully, it will go away with time. I have started trying to squat again, just goblet squats and plate squats. My body forgot how to do it properly! Working on form and flexiblity, which is probably aggravating that inside ankle.

This past weekend, I had intended to try walk/running on a flat outdoor path, but plans changed. Ended up doing a 5-mile hike on Sunday–very muddy winter thaw hike. Trekking poles helped mitigate the extra work from the muddy slop, but my tendon did get tired about halfway through. But it was nothing that a little ice and elevation couldn’t fix. Plus, it was just nice being able to do a normal outdoor activity again, especially on a rare 60 degree day in February. Life is getting back to normal…finally.

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