13 weeks-Making Progress

Not a whole lot to report. PT is going pretty well, although combined with going back to work without the boot has my tendon sore and swelling. Initially, it was causing me to limp more than I want, but the limp seems to get better each day since I started PT.

However, yesterday’s session where he had me doing balancing exercises on the treadmill and heel raises on the leg press, my limp has noticeably diminished today. Swelling is better and tendon feels more tight than painful. I can feel the scar tissue back there, but it’s no longer inflamed like it was last week. It’s much looser than before. The whole ankle feels like it can handle some weight. Still, I have quite a bit of swelling around the tendon.

I thought I was over the icing and elevating stage, but alas, that was not to be. But at least it’s just my tendon and not my whole foot swelling now. So…progress?

I’m still in the stage where progress is moving quickly; so fast that it’s hard to keep up. Life is starting to return to normal.

I am frustrated that PT won’t release me to work on lower body movements. I read other blogs that show people doing squats, using the rower, etc at this stage. He’s telling me to wait three more weeks to be safe. My doctor says I can use the leg press and leg extension machines, but Crossfit doesn’t have machines. So I’m still limiting myself to upper body and core work while biking the hell out of the assault bike in the meantime.

So while most of life has returned to (somewhat) normal, it won’t really feel normal until I can workout again like I used to do.

Slowly, but surely, I’m getting there.

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  1. kamueller - good to hear a positive update from you and that life is returning to ’somewhat’ normal.

    Isn’t that so true for us active folks? Working out like we used to IS normal life for us so I feel you on that. We will get there, slowly but surely as you said yourself ;)

    Jealously happy your foot no longer swells as much, that sounds so good lol

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