11.5 weeks Post Op-Two Shoes!

Today, my surgeon okayed me going to two shoes. I didn’t tell him that I had pretty much ditched the boot all of the time except for the airport when traveling to San Diego for Christmas. I even took a 1 mile walk along Coronado Beach, then racked up 6400 steps along Crystal Pier. But it’s great to be medically released.

I’m still a bit numb around my outside ankle, so he told me to massage along the tendon to break up the scar tissue around that nerve. It seems to help. Other than that, pain is gone and I’m sleeping fine.

I’m walking slow and I have a limp unless I really slow down and concentrate to roll through the whole foot. I do tabata with balancing on one leg and I’m working on increasing my flexibility to body squat. Still going to Crossfit to work on upper body and cardio.

PT starts on Monday and I’m looking forward to moving on to this phase of this journey.

4 Responses to “11.5 weeks Post Op-Two Shoes!”

  1. Congrats on the “official” release. Definitely massage all around the incision area to work on breaking up the scar tissue.

  2. That’s my problem too. I have to really slow down and concentrate on rolling through the whole foot when I’m walking. Good luck at PT, I think you’ll start to look forward to it a little bit!

  3. I’m at 20 weeks and still have to walk slow and concentrate on rolling as well if I want to walk with an almost normal gait. I can still feel weakness as I roll through so I know even my slow walk is not completely normal.

  4. Hi kamueller - a walk on Coronado beach?! Awesome and good for you. That must have been refreshing to say the least.

    I have read through all your posts so far, you are recovering so well! My surgeon has me on a similalry aggressive protocol, albeit not quite FWB on week 2, but PWB starting at that time.

    Looking forward to hearing more, and for the time you can ditch the boot completely, even for those hectic airports!

    You are going to crush PT, I know it.

    Keep it up, and Happy New Year :)

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