6 Week Post Op Appt

Had my 6 week followup appointment with the surgeon. He says everything looks good and is healing well. I asked him about the numbness and pain along the side of my foot to my ankle. He says that it’s probably a nerve and that it will get better over time. Nothing that is unexpected at this stage of the recovery. I’m to take Tylenol and ibuprofen regularly at the same time and that should help the pain at night. I’m still not sleeping well and it is wearing on me emotionally. Felt really low this past weekend. But he did remove one of the two wedges and it seemed to help with the pain. I am to remove the last wedge in three weeks and I can finally get out of the boot on Dec 28. It’s nice to have an end date for this part of the journey. He still doesn’t want me to start PT until after I’m out of the boot. I’m not sure how much PT I’ll need.

I told him I was walking bootless around the house, and he did not seem too pleased. At the previous appointment, he seemed really sure with the super strong sutures. This time, he emphasized that if I fall without the boot, the sutures will tear apart as I rerupture. So I agreed to back off of the walking (kind of) and I’ll be more careful. The boot is easier to wear now without that second wedge anyway, so I’ll just deal. It took a lot longer for the soreness to kick in. But I’m very anxious to wean myself off the boot, so I’m still going to walk to the bathroom and such.

Some of the pain came from driving last week. Last Tuesday, two tractor trailers collided and caught on fire. The highway was shut down and all traffic was being diverted to a side road…the one I take to work. A 40 minute commute turned into 2 and 1/2 hours of pure hell. It really did a number on my tendon. Today is the first day that it doesn’t feel sore. Doc says it’s fine and there’s no damage. But wow, it was terrible! Driving at this stage is a blessing, but it does come with a price.

Thanksgiving is coming and I’m traveling to a warmer place with family who will drive me around. So at least my tendon will get a bit of a rest, provided I can manage the airport. I might pop a hydrocodone to deal with the pain during the flight.

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  1. My doc didn’t let me start PT until I was in shoes either. And you will need PT if you want to get the strength and flexibility back. Sorry you’re still not sleeping well. I know how bad that can be. I’m still taking ibuprofen before I go to bed just about every night. And if I’ve pushed things too far I take it during the day as well. In fact it’s time to go take some now since my achilles is still complaining from my overdoing the heel raises on Saturday.

  2. And I had a pain running right under my ankle on the outside of my foot after my right foot surgery. My doc said that was just a nerve that got annoyed by the surgery and nerves take a while to calm down again. I think it took about 3-4 weeks before it stopped bugging me. I haven’t had any similar pain on my left foot. I have some numbness on the back of my right heel that has never gone away completely. It’s kind of weird since the surface nerves seem to be numb (I don’t feel it if I push lightly on that area) but the deeper nerves are not numb (I do feel it if I push hard on that area). My doc said that area may never regain all the feeling. It’s just one of the risks of surgery.

  3. If you’re walking around bootless and flat (no elevation) that could also be adding to your pain since you’re pulling on the achilles while things are still healing. The fact that your still using wedges indicates that the doc doesn’t want the achilles stretched by having your foot flat. So find some slippers that you can put heel wedges in if you want something that you can slip into quickly at night. I just chose to use the knee scooter for bathroom visits when I was told to walk only in the boot. When I finally got the OK to use shoes but still had to be elevated I wore some clogs I have that are about the same elevation angle as the heel wedge I was wearing in my shoes.

  4. Man, even if I wanted to walk barefoot I couldn’t. I really don’t know how you’re doing it and we’re at the same point in our recovery! Someone else also recommend slip on clogs for walking around the house in. I think that’s what I’m going to get when I get the okay to move away from the boot. Just remember, patience and baby steps!

  5. How awesome that you have a date, I am so excited for you! Just one more month of the boot, woo hoo :)

    Bummer that you’re still having pain at night and trouble sleeping. I hope that’s improved some by now.

    And hopefully your tendon got to rest during your travels.

    Keep your head up….one day at a time. You’re doing great!

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