5 weeks Post Op: Baby Steps

Tomorrow makes five weeks since surgery. And I figured out how to add pictures.

The steri-strips were still on after all this time, so I finally peeled them off.

The first picture is three days after surgery, before she put the steri-strips on.
Three Days After Surgery

This one is almost five weeks later. I’m really happy with how it’s healing! Still some flaking at the bottom.
Five Weeks After Surgery

I’ve started walking around my house in bare feet. Very small steps, but it’s nice to be able to go to the bathroom without needing to put the boot on. Standing in the shower is wonderful! I still use the shower chair, but I’m standing more and more. The more I do it, the easier it gets. I’m hoping to redevelop that padding on the heel that has disappeared so that when I’m clear to retire the boot, I’m ready. I’m not using the stairs or anything crazy, but as each day passes, I’m walking without the boot more and more. Just this morning, I was able to get up, shower, get dressed, and only put the boot on after I got dressed. No pain.

ROM is improving. The alphabet is easy and so is toe crunching. Dorsiflexion is pretty much neutral with no effort, as in I’m not forcing it. I don’t pay attention to degrees and such. I work on pointing my toe and pushing down and on moving my foot side to side. I started using a resistance band (not flexing past neutral) a couple of days ago.

Velcro is getting on my last nerve!

I’m sleeping a bit better. I took the wrap on the ice therapy cooler and secured it flat on the elevation pillow. Whenever the pain starts to bother me, I put lay my foot on top and it cools it off. I’m starting to need it less and less as each day passes.

My pinkie toe is still numb and the top of my foot is still tender. I still get swelling around the ankle bone(probably still sprained a bit). Being up and out of the house for long periods of time is still exhausting and I pay dearly for it the next day. Driving still feels like PT and it wipes me out. I’m still elevating and icing more often than I’d like, but that’s the price I’m paying for all of the early weightbearing, I guess.

But I’m really happy overall with how I’m progressing. It gets better each week.

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  1. Wow. Your surgery date was one day before mine yet I can’t believe the immense difference in our protocols and recovery. You are up and motoring around, I’m in a boot and haven’t even begun the PWB step of the recovery. I still have scabs at the incision and it’s really pink and SUPER sensitive. I know I’m not suppose to compare because everyone recovers at a different rate, but damn! Makes me want to push things a bit more. But I won’t. Following my doctors orders to the tee. Really impressive. Keep up the great progress!!

  2. Hi Junebug! I lucked out with my surgeon, that’s for sure. When he told me before surgery that I would be this mobile this quickly, I was very skeptical. I was still skeptical when he told me that I could walk and drive immediately after taking the staples out 10 days after surgery. I needed him to give me reassurance to counter everything I’ve read about the slower protocols here on this site.

    He said my sutures were permanent, not dissolvable, and were strong. He assured me that the only way I’ll rerupture is if I fell without the boot, and that my muscles simply weren’t strong enough to damage the sutures. He said to ditch the crutches and get moving.

    I took it day by day, first PWB with two crutches, then one, then just used the scooter at school. Last week, I ditched the scooter (except when I really needed to skate through a crowd of teenagers). I started driving with one trip, then 40 minutes, then to work. I trained my left foot to brake to give my tendon a break. Early last week, I rested my bare foot on the ground, then put weight on it, then stood, then a few steps. Now I’m cruising. I hope to try the stairs next week, but I want to wait until after my appointment.

    I also read several blogs here that showed that pushing the timetable can be done. I just did it slowly and I stop if it hurts. Every day, I test something new or go a bit farther and push it a little bit more, so I can rebuild my strength quickly but safely. But I’m only doing it because my doctor assured me that the sutures were strong enough to handle it.

  3. I have been reading back through your journey and since I am at week 5.5 I have a question here for you!

    You said in this post ROM is good, alphabet easy and toe curls easy. I also have good ROM and alphabet is easy, I can also curl my toes pretty good, though not like my good foot.

    My question is, at this point were you able to do towel curls with your toes? I am barely able to get a grip of the towel so i can curl it in much if at all. I am curious because the nerve damage i have is affected the bottom of my toes mainly so when I put my foot to the floor or curl my toes, it feels like it is swollen or there is a sock stuffed right between the ball of my foot and my toes. I am curious if that is holding back my progression, because I feel like without that i would actually be able to pull the towel in.

    Hope that makes sense, let me know!

  4. @beginnersmind19 I don’t recall doing any towel curls. I didn’t start PT until after I was out of the boot at 12 weeks, so it wasn’t on the list of things to do. Also, my doctor had me driving at 3 weeks and I was starting to walk a bi at 4 weeks, so that was more than enough. But I was doing both of those things with quite a bit of numbness along the side of my foot.

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