6 Week Post Op Appt

Had my 6 week followup appointment with the surgeon. He says everything looks good and is healing well. I asked him about the numbness and pain along the side of my foot to my ankle. He says that it’s probably a nerve and that it will get better over time. Nothing that is unexpected at [...]

5 weeks Post Op: Baby Steps

Tomorrow makes five weeks since surgery. And I figured out how to add pictures.
The steri-strips were still on after all this time, so I finally peeled them off.
The first picture is three days after surgery, before she put the steri-strips on.

This one is almost five weeks later. I’m really happy with how it’s healing! Still [...]

4 Weeks Post Op: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream?

It’s been four weeks since surgery. Each week gets a little better.
–Second week of driving. It’s getting easier, less tiring, with my injured foot. I’m still braking with my left foot most of the time, but by choice. I can generate enough pressure to brake fully, but my tendon doesn’t like the back and forth [...]