Aggressive Protocol=Why I’m Blogging


I wasn’t planning on blogging. But after reading so many stories on this site, I soon realized that my doctor’s protocol was super aggressive and I had difficulty finding a lot of examples that resembled mine. I started journaling before I got approved to blog, so the entries for the last month will come fast and furious. Kind like my progress, as I am already FWB two weeks after surgery.

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  1. Wow I’m 2weeks post surgery today and on my 1st visit with my orthopedic Doctor he puts me in cast. I was expecting maybe a boot but he said 2 more weeks non weight bearing. Was your injury a complete Achilles rupture?

  2. Tony23, it was a complete rupture. Doctor said it was completely blown.I’m happy to be weight-bearing this early, but also nervous when reading about how long everyone else’s recovery seems to be. But he seems to be really sure that the non-absorbing sutures were going to hold up against anything, aside from falling without the boot. He does plan to keep me in the boot for three months, so perhaps that will compensate for the early weightbearing.

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