Dancing in the Homecoming Pep Assembly

Friday, Sept 28, 2018

I’m a 47-year-old high school teacher and it’s homecoming week. A group of teachers participates in the Teacher Dance at the pep assembly in front of the entire school. Our motto this year was “Old School is the Best School”, so when I fell to the ground after my Achilles popped, a lot of kids (and teachers) laughed because they thought I was acting “old” and that it was part of a skit. I had just hit the ending pose and I hopped a little to run off the floor. As I hopped up,  it felt like someone had kicked me in the back of my foot. I knew as soon as I tried to walk, that something was terribly wrong. I could put no weight on my right foot at all. Fortunately, the school’s athletic trainer grabbed a wheelchair, took me back to her office, and secured transportation to an ortho urgent care, where the rupture was confirmed. I was put in a walking boot and told I could weight bear as tolerated.

What we didn’t realize was that my injury was considered Work Comp, so I had gone to the wrong office. So I had to cancel the MRI scheduled for Monday to instead see the district-approved Work Comp doctor, who then scheduled a new MRI for that Friday. He also referred me to a new Ortho surgeon within their network.

Filling out all of the injury paperwork with “dancing at the pep assembly” still seems surreal.

Wednesday, Oct 3

Met with the surgeon, who scheduled surgery for the next week. He said I could go back into the boot rather soon after surgery and would be walking and driving soon after. I was skeptical as everything I had read indicated a long 4-6 in a NWB cast. He seemed pretty confident that I would FWB quite early.

Friday, Oct 5

MRI that only Work Comp needed, as the surgeon had already scheduled surgery from the Thompson test.

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