2 Weeks Post Op

Sunday, Oct 21

Staples come out tomorrow and I hope he allows me to PWB. I’ve been sleeping on the couch since surgery since my bedroom is upstairs and it’s just too hard to make that journey more than once a day to get clothes. I’ve showered a couple of times using a cast cover (I only take the boot off to ice or at night), but it’s easier to sponge bath in the first floor half bath. The whole thing is starting to affect my mood. I have so much to be thankful for, especially the aggressive protocol that my surgeon is following. But I’m having quite a bit of pain on the outside of my ankle. I stopped taking the hydrocodone early last week as I hated the way it made me feel. But the Aleve/Tylenol Arthritis protocol doesn’t seem to help at all. Icing helps some. I’m also frustrated in that I normally active: Crossfit, hiking. Missed two hikes this week during my favorite time of the year. Missed a 5K last week. Just missing my life as I knew it. Hoping that the staple removal and the ability to go upstairs and sleep in my bed will help my mood.

Monday, Oct 22

Doc took the staples out and said the incision was healing nicely. He gave me permission to walk in the boot as much as I want and I can ditch the crutches when I’m able. He also said I could drive (with the boot off) whenever I felt comfortable doing so, as long as I put the boot on to get in and out of the car.  He said that the sutures are non-dissolvable and are permanent, so the only way I can rerupture is falling with the boot off. He seemed pretty confident, even though this seems really soon based on what I’ve read. The pain on the outside of the ankle seems to be from a slight sprain and he said that being in the boot will help. I did take a hydrocodone to sleep through the pain.

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  1. You can do a lot of exercising with essentially one foot :) If you have access to a gym you can still do weights (sitting), rowing (just strap the good foot in) and possibly recumbent biking (check with your doc, you can probably use both feet if you’re already OK to walk). If at home there are a LOT of videos about what exercises to do while the foot is recovering. Once the incision heals completely swimming is also a good workout. In fact I need to get myself back into the pool!

    Just be thankful that you’re already walking! I was NWB for 5 weeks! I didn’t let that keep me from going upstairs. I just butt scooted up/down the stairs and if my hubby wasn’t around I hauled my knee scooter up/down the stairs too. So quitcha whining! LOL! Just joking - I know how frustrating this all can be. And, lucky for you if hydrocodone helps you sleep. At most I got 2 hours of sleep out of a pill but a lot of nausea so this time around I stopped taking them after 3 days. Unfortunately the nausea stayed around for another week as the crap worked its way out of my system - ugh!

  2. Hi cserpent! I can’t get to the gym again until I can drive. I’ve been doing core work and upper body work with my on 20lb kettlebell, but that’s it. I can’t wait to drive again!

    I know I’m whining. I’ve spent a lot of time on this site for the past month and I know I am VERY lucky to have progressed this far this quickly. When comparing myself to others with ATR, I have no reason to complain. But you know how it gets sometimes. I have my moments.

    I hated going up the stairs more than once a day to grab clothes. I didn’t want to drag the scooter up as I’ve had a couple of slips since surgery (fell off the scooter once), so I just didn’t want to risk it again. it really hurt!

    Good news is that I can feel my ankle bone again, so the swelling is starting to subside. Hopefully, the numbness and pain (pins/needles/burning sensation) wear off soon and I can stop the narcotic. I hate taking that stuff! But it’s weird that the tendon doesn’t really hurt at all and the pain is elsewhere in my foot.

  3. If you haven’t been able to see your ankle then I’m betting a lot of the pain you’re feeling is from the swelling. I’m surprised your doc didn’t emphasize to you to keep the swelling down. My doc emphasized it multiple times and when I asked why I totally got it and focused on keeping the swelling down during the first 3 weeks when I was told to elevate 90% of the time. Now the only time I get any pain is when I’m on my feet too long and I get swelling. Swelling will slow down healing and increase pain. Most parts of your body has some fat than can be squeezed around when you get swelling so it isn’t all that detrimental. Your feet have very little fat so when you get swelling you are pushing on vital foot parts and stretching out the skin. Those foot parts don’t like having the added pressure. My guess is if you elevate and ice more and keep the swelling down a lot of the pain will go away. Though it might take a little while since those things that have been pressured by the swelling will take a bit of time to calm down once they aren’t being squeezed anymore. I know nerves take a while to calm down.

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