1st Post Op: Only Three Days Later

Friday, Oct 12

Doctor’s appointment, Splint removed only three days after surgery. He put me right back in the boot with a couple of heel risers. NWB for 10-14 days until the staples come out. He’s still saying I can drive when I start walking. We’ll see. He also says I can take the boot off to sleep. This differs from most of the reports I’ve seen on this site. I’m really happy he is so aggressive with the protocol, but it makes me nervous as well.

A friend brings out a knee scooter that a colleague is loaning to me. Another brought over an iWalk. I had a slip on the crutches walking into the doctor’s office. Missed the yellow Wet Floor sign.

The nerve block finally wore off on Thursday. However, I still have numbness in that foot.

Sunday, Oct 14

Had concert tickets to the Fox that I had purchased in May (4U Symphonic Celebration of Prince). Friends chauffeured me and Fox employees transported me in a wheelchair to and from my seat. No regrets, but the pain and swelling that night were intense.

Monday Oct 15

I’m cleared to return to work, restricted to only standing 15 minutes at a time. A colleague is driving me to work everyday and loading the knee scooter in her trunk. I sit at my desk with my foot elevated on top of it. The kids have been pretty well behaved considering I can’t move around the classroom. I use the knee scooter to get around at school and my first floor at home.

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