2 Weeks Post Op

Sunday, Oct 21
Staples come out tomorrow and I hope he allows me to PWB. I’ve been sleeping on the couch since surgery since my bedroom is upstairs and it’s just too hard to make that journey more than once a day to get clothes. I’ve showered a couple of times using a cast cover (I [...]

1st Post Op: Only Three Days Later

Friday, Oct 12
Doctor’s appointment, Splint removed only three days after surgery. He put me right back in the boot with a couple of heel risers. NWB for 10-14 days until the staples come out. He’s still saying I can drive when I start walking. We’ll see. He also says I can take the boot off [...]

Surgery: 10/9/2018

Tuesday, Oct 9
Outpatient surgery, resulting in a splint over an incision with 14 staples. Was given a nerve block prior to surgery and prescribed hydrocodone-acetaminophen. I was also given one of those electric coolers for continuous icing.
I’m divorced with no kids, so I live alone. The outpouring of help from my friends and family has [...]

Dancing in the Homecoming Pep Assembly

Friday, Sept 28, 2018
I’m a 47-year-old high school teacher and it’s homecoming week. A group of teachers participates in the Teacher Dance at the pep assembly in front of the entire school. Our motto this year was “Old School is the Best School”, so when I fell to the ground after my Achilles popped, [...]

Aggressive Protocol=Why I’m Blogging

I wasn’t planning on blogging. But after reading so many stories on this site, I soon realized that my doctor’s protocol was super aggressive and I had difficulty finding a lot of examples that resembled mine. I started journaling before I got approved to blog, so the entries for the last month will come fast [...]