2 Weeks Post-Op

My 2 weeks check-up was really a few days after 2 weeks. Going in to this appointment, I was very excited to finally get rid of the splint and hopefully get back in to my boot. When they took off the splint, the first thing I saw was staples which really freaked me out because I just assumed they used regular stitches. I had 4 staples for the main incision and then one staple on each side of my heel. They took off the splint and then took me to get x-rays before getting it looked at. The surgical area was surprisingly not that swollen at all and almost looked normal.

After x-rays my PA came in and checked it out to make sure nothing was infected and then gave the go-ahead to remove my staples. Getting staples out didn’t really hurt that much but it was definitely not a pleasant time. After getting the staples removed, he came back in and basically told me the plan for the upcoming months. I was allowed to wear my boot again with 2.5 inch heel wedges and was told I can weight bear as tolerated. After 3 weeks, I can cut down heel wedge to just 1 inch. After another 3 weeks, the heel wedge would be completely removed and then I have to wear the boot for another month.

One thing I was very disappointed about was that they told me I couldn’t do physical therapy. I know people start physical therapy from 2 weeks after surgery to a few months after and I thought that since I was young, active, and an athlete, that they’d have more aggressive means for recovery. When I asked about physical therapy, they told me I wouldn’t be able to start until around September-October, if I even needed it by then. He also told me that I couldn’t do any explosive moves or start basic jogging until around September.

Nonetheless, I was still very happy and very excited that I could automatically start weight bearing and that I had my boot back. My next appointment is with my actual surgeon on June 3 as a 2 months check-up.

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  1. I didn’t start “official” PT until I was out of the boot. But before that I was given exercises to do on my own. Others do the same exercises at a PT session. Check with your surgeon about doing basic ROM exercises (that’s all I could do initially). And ask about scar massage. I was told to start that after the incision healed up completely. Feel free to read my blog to see more details on my journeys. I’ve had heel spurs removed on both feet now. The recovery time was quite different for each one.

  2. So are you out of the cast yet? Were you taking any antibiotics before the terror (tear- Google voice misheard!)? This site lists a number of problem drugs.

  3. Hi there, I was 22 and very active when I had my first achilles rupture and surgery. I went back to trying to play squash again as early as possible, before the 6 month mark, and ended up with a myriad of other problems (foot and knee on the same leg needed cortisone injections).
    In retrospect, I should have been a little bit more conservative with strenuous activity and keep at the rehab/PT as recommended. ROM will be very limited to begin with but the most important thing is to build up the muscles first and that takes time.
    Good luck!!

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