Achilles Tendon Rupture

I ruptured my achilles at netball whilst showing my daughters netball team how to dodge…lol….I enjoy running and have been doing so since I was 15 and mostly on the roads. I am not an athlete by all means but have always enjoyed exercising. I am 45 am quite active. Running has kept me sane and helped me maintain a healthy weight range. However I was not running regularly and when I did this I did not stretch properly!!! Now I reflect on things I have done to my body I do feel sorry for my poor achilles and the strain I have put on it over the years. Anyway, I had gone for a run on a cold winters Saturday morning, umpired 4 netball games and then proceeded to do a demo of how to ‘dodge’.  Then snap!!! It felt like I had been stabbed in the back of my ankle…the pain was insane. My husband took me to A&E and I was placed in a cast for 2 weeks. There was no option I was told I would be undergoing the non-evasive approach. 2 weeks later I was placed in a moon boot..4 days in, I slipped and I felt it pop again!! I cried. My PT told me to go and get an MRI and they found that I had a huge gap between my tendon and that I needed surgery. I was so scared. It happened just like that. I went to hospital on a Monday to see an orthopedic surgeon as the Doctor managing me went away on holiday!! I had to return the next day for possible surgery if they could fit me in. I was so unprepared. Lucky I had my Mum to hold my hand. I arrived at 8 in the morning not knowing what to expect  and went into surgery at 10 am. It went well however what was not nice was when I woke up from surgery and I could feel every single stitch and cut in the back of my leg. The nerve block medicine did not work…Its now day 3 post op and I’m at home…healing :)

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