Ruptured Achilles rounding second base!


How it happened:

I was rounding second base and after my right foot hit the bag, my next step down with my left foot was the culprit. I thought I had run into the shortstop as indeed it felt like I got hit in the back of my leg with a baseball bat. I knew immediately it was bad and almost blacked out in the dugout from the shock. So I managed to make it through the night and see my orthopedic surgeon the next day. Surgery date was now set for Tuesday (which was about 5 days after the injury occurred).
Now I am at almost 2 weeks post op and have a appt tomorrow for a checkup. I will update my story after that and give a more detailed time line up to this point!

Some surgery details:

My tear was a lot worse than my doc originally thought.  An hour long procedure turned into 2.5 hrs.  Turns out I completely ruptured it in all different directions and my heelp spur calcium deposits shattered up into my leg and foot, so my doc says he was cleaning up a big mess in there.  He didnt want to originally deal with the heel spur at the same time b/c of compications, but once heopened me up he saw that he had too.  I am glad he did so once I get healed up hopefully all my heel pain will be gone as well.

UPDATE 12/4:

I am now at 4 weeks post op and my foot is starting to get some more movement.  I have been using a CPM machine to strech it out and try to get more degrees on my boot.  I went from 30 degrees to 15 degrees about a week ago and could probably push it to 10 in the next day or two.  I will be going back to work on light duty next Wednesday which is 5 weeks post op.  I am only planning on going in and working a couple hrs a day in the lab sitting down with my leg up on another chair most of the time.

After I get the boot to ZERO degrees or 90 degrees depending which way you measure it my doc says we can start light weight bearing.  My achilles still feels really tight most of the time and especially after using the machine and then resting it for a couple hours.  But when I use the CPM and put my foot on the ground afterwards I can almost get my leg to 90 degrees.  so I am hoping about another week I will be able to get my boot ready for some light steps.  We’ll see!


Keep it elevated!