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Hi, my name is Paulette from Indiana and I ruptured my left AT on 10/12 and had surgery on the 15th. I consider myself a fairly fit 60 year old that just slipped on a stupid throw rug & blew my tendon just above the heel bone.  I don’t work outside of the home but am a very active on the go type person, so this really is a bummer. Had a lot of pain once my knee block wore off, and then got really sick on the Hydrocodone-apap 7.5-500 pain pills. Now I am only taking a couple of advil every few hours as needed. My surgeon just put on a partial cast on the top of my leg and then an ace wrap. First appt not until  2 1/2 weeks after surgery, and told I will probably be totaly NWB with crutches only for 4 weeks and then a boot with crutches for an additional 3 months. Would love to hear from anyone with same injury.

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