Day After Surgery

Just a quick update. I had surgery yesterday to clean up (deride) my tendon and augment with the FHL tendon from my big toe.  Arrived at 8:30am EST and got home at 8:00pm EST.  Long day but I was happy to be able to sleep in my own bed as opposed to the hospital.  According to the Dr., he removed an additional 30% of the tendon (20% removed in the first surgery), leaving 50%.  He mentioned that the FHL tendon alone is approximately 80% the strength of the achilles so I am hopeful that between that and the 50% of the achilles remaining that I will have a great recovery (fingers crossed)! He said that this will bring increased vascularity and blood flow to the area which will help address the poor blood flow that resulted in the tendinosis.

Sent me home with some Percocet which has so far managed the pain nicely.  Go back to him on 9/3 to remove sutures and will then move into the boot.  Will keep you all posted!

2 Responses to “Day After Surgery”

  1. Sorry to hear, luckily when I went into srgery , my surgeon discovered it was scar tissue and didn’t have to do this procedure. Good luck with your healing.

  2. I had a complete rupture, and I didn’t need the big toe tendon, but your recovery is all dependent on how you approach pt and the workouts you have to do at home.