11 weeks post-op - Moving along

Just a very brief update this week, as not that much has happened, will try to update a bit more next week (and also include my milestones following Donna’s example) when I’ve had my 12 week check-up.

Things continue to move along incrementally, I’m starting to see some proper muscle definition in the injured calf, and the strength is slowly returning. I’ve continued to follow the physio protocol, I’m sure I’ve never done anywhere near this much work on my calfs before… On the heel raises, I have continued to incrementally increase loading towards the injured foot, which is managing it better and better. I can (kind of) do a single leg heel raise on the injured foot now, I can get my heel off the ground, and when going up with two feet, I can hold myself up with the one leg, but starting from the bottom I can’t get myself all the way up with one leg. Based on recent progress, I expect that will happen in the next week or so hopefully. One point here to everyone doing these is to focus on the eccentric contraction (i.e. coming down slowly, rather than just up-down quickly), this has really helped me build strength. I’ve also continued with the cardio on bike and elliptical as before.

Otherwise walking is completely normal now (although at times still need to think about it a bit more), I’m back to walking to work now that I’m back from holiday, so getting a bit of pure walking in that way everyday as well (about 1.5km each way). Looking forward to my appointment with physio and OS next week, if there are no issues (as I don’t think at the moment that there will be), it should be the last one with the OS, who will release me to the care of the physio from there on…

And here is once again a picture of the scar today, at 11 weeks:
11 Weeks

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  1. andrew choe on January 9th, 2015

    ice! Looks like you are doing well…I am 7wks post op and I am following your blogs so I have an idea on what to expect. Doing heel raises at 11 weeks but you are not going to run anytime soon? If u are doing one leg heel raises dont you think u soon will be ready to start jogging?

  2. gravity on January 9th, 2015

    Thanks. I have my next check next week, in my previous one the discussion was that if all moves along as it has been, I could following that visit start running on a treadmill. So hopefully next week, I’ve been tempted to try it out but have avoided it until now. And to be fair, I wouldn’t say that I’m properly doing one leg raises yet, but it’s getting close to that point.

  3. phillymike on January 10th, 2015

    You seem to be doing really well man! I’m only about a week behind you in terms of surgery date, but I feel a few weeks or so behind you in terms of recovery. I’m not all that concerned about that, but its good to see what I can look forward to. Keep on healin’

  4. gravity on January 10th, 2015

    Thanks Mike. I’m obviously happy with progress, but I’ve come to realise that with this injury, a week here or there is really nothing, it’ll even out in the long run, and the important thing is to continue making progress while protecting against setbacks.

  5. normofthenorth on January 10th, 2015

    Sounds great, gravity, and the scar looks nice too.

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