10 weeks post-op - Towards a new year

So, it’s been another week, and I feel like I continue to make progress. I’ve started to walk at my normal pace and stride with a normal push-off during the last week. Sometimes (first thing in the morning etc) I still have a bit of a limp until the foot warms up a bit, but other than that walking is completely normal. I’ve also transferred to using my normal “minimalist” shoes for longer walks instead of more traditional sneakers, and that is working well. Also going up and down stairs more normally now, although not fully loading my weight on the front of the foot yet.

It’s also gotten better with the workouts, I’m now doing up to an hour on the elliptical or the bike, with no pain or strain. I still use a higher rpm rather than a higher resistance for the longer runs, but comfortable doing an hour with an avg HR ~155 with no problems. I’ve started to also mix in some more interval-type training with higher resistance periods mixed in. I’ve been going to the gym twice a day on most days, with a longer work out in the morning and more strength focused stuff in the evenings. The physio protocol of heel raises etc I do twice a day. I’ve started increasing weight on the heel raises more toward the injured side on the slow descent specifically, and I can feel it is slowly getting stronger, but still a ways off from doing a single raise. The calf visually looks better as well, with some muscle definition starting to come back, and the swelling around the tendon seems fairly limited (probably what it will look like for a long time).

So it’s been a happy week, I have been tempted by the treadmill a few times just to try it out, but have decided to hold on that until the next physio in two weeks, no point in doing something stupid now. Generally I feel like I’ve gotten to a good point in ten weeks, and can start the new year feeling like a normal fully functional person again, even if the road to truly being fully functional is still a long one.

Happy New Year to everyone!

EDIT: Finally got around to adding the photo of the current state of the scar as well. So this is a week earlier at 9 weeks.
9 Weeks

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  1. nico76 on December 31st, 2014

    good stuff gravity! glad to hear that you can workout twice a day. have you gotten back to crossfit yet?

  2. gravity on December 31st, 2014

    Nico, thanks. Haven’t really been back to the box in that sense. Not planning on doing that until I feel I can do at least a reasonable part of the WODs safely. Not sure I trust myself fully not to push a bit too hard in that mindset, so will probably wait until I’m at least past the big hump of reruptures around 10-12 weeks, currently thinking about early Feb, depending on where I’m at then.

  3. donna on January 6th, 2015

    Your scar looks marvelous!!!

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