7 weeks post-op - Mixed week

Well, it has been a week of mixed feelings. Went to two shoes a week ago, and the first couple of days were, in a word, frustrating. Moving from walking around very comfortably and quickly in the boot, going to fairly tender and slow walking was a bit challenging. Even knowing that it is good progress, it felt almost like a step backward, certainly in terms of mobility. After a cozy four weeks in the boot it was definitely a wake-up call for how long this process is, and how early it still is for me.

Anyway, once I got over that, I got back to work. I’ve been walking quite a bit now, and it is actually getting better by the day. I’m still not really pushing off the front of the foot properly, but it’s close. I find that I need to actually concentrate on walking in order to walk more properly, if I don’t I have a more pronounced limp. When I concentrate, I can walk almost without any limp at all, especially barefoot (for some reason I find it more difficult in shoes for now, might be the pressure on the tendon). In the last couple of days I’ve actually been happy with the progress again, as I’m getting closer to walking around at normal speed, and there has been no pain or swelling at all throughout the process. So for those who are struggling a bit the first days in two shoes, don’t let it put you down, you’ll get used to it quickly.

Finally, had another physio appointment today, and she was again very happy with the progress. Should maybe be noted that I don’t go to a physio to actually do the workouts, I go to check on progress and go through the next set of exercises that I then do on my own. In addition to the basic ROM and atrophy follow-ups, did a test on how far from a wall I can stand flatfooted and push my knee to the wall, managed to have my toes 9cm from the wall (compared to 14cm on the healthy side), which was actually better than I expected. Also tested how well I could squat and a couple of similar things, all of which was actually surprisingly good compared to my expectations. Then we went through my new rehab routine, which I’m supposed to do daily. In case someone is interested, it now involves:
1. Back squats, not below parallel for two weeks, allowed some small weight
2. Split squats, with back foot on bench, some small weight allowed as well
3. Standing two foot heel raises, initially with part of weight on table etc support
4. Sitting heel raises, leaning on knees for weight
5. Toe raises leaning back to wall
6. Balance exercises, standing on one foot etc
7. Three different stretches (two more for calf, one for tendon)

This new routine made me very happy, as it is starting to feel more like real exercise and strengthening the muscle, rather than just maintaining mobility.

So in summary, after a somewhat frustrating start to the week, I feel like I’m back up to speed and on track again!

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  1. normofthenorth on December 13th, 2014

    Sounds good, and familiar. That progression from Scary as %^&* to “almost normal” does usually go quite quickly and pleasantly. But it’s often followed by “the frustrating plateau”, where progress suddenly seems glacially slow.
    I’m reminded of a story many sea-going sailors tell — that the longest part of any voyage is the time between the first landfall (the first sight of land) and actually arriving there. For us, it’s often the time between being “almost normal” and being fully recovered.

  2. donna on December 14th, 2014

    Thanks for sharing your progress, especially the physio description. I go next week & look forward to starting my rehab program. Not sure how much I can do at 6 weeks, we’ll see.

  3. herewegoagain on December 15th, 2014

    My PT has ben the same, each visit is more about a checkover and updating exercises than going through a workout. Glad you are enjoying the switch to focussing on gaining strength, somedays it feels like there is little to show as far as improvements but it eventually comes back.

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