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4 weeks post-op - Physio #2

So, had my second physio appointment today with no real surprises, seem to be making good progress. Scar has continued to heal nicely, she thought it looked very good for four weeks, which sounds nice. She did the Thompson test and a couple of other things to check the tendon, and all is as it should be there. No swelling present at all in the ankle, measurements around the ankle were an exact match to the healthy foot. Calf atrophy on the other hand is pretty noticeable, circumference difference is little over 1cm, which sounds surprisingly little compared to the visible difference to the healthy leg. ROM was also good, no difference to healthy leg in plantar flexion, and only a slight difference in dorsiflexion (would say about 10 degrees or so). According to her I’m well on track to get rid of the boot in accordance with the planned timetable in two weeks, 6 weeks post-op.

Got some new rehab exercises, now incorporating a resistance band for some of the movements. Exercises still mostly consist of plantar/dorsiflexion, different “sideways” rolls, toe curls etc. She stressed the importance of the other movements beyond just the straight flexions for stabilization when moving into two shoes away from the boot, and for maintaining the arch of the foot normally at that point as well. Feels good to be adding some resistance to the movements, not exactly strength training for the calf, but at least moving more towards at least stopping further atrophy. Considering how my calf now looks after four weeks, can’t imagine folks that are in a cast for eight weeks without any movement and how that would impact the muscle.

Otherwise been rolling along comfortably, walking in the boot comes pretty naturally at this point, and I have a steady walk rather than a limp as such. Have been covering also some slightly longer distances now, the only issue for me is that the heel gets a little sore after some time, but that stops immediately when I take a break from walking. At home I spend most of the time without the boot, I’ve been given an ok to carefully walk around the short distances at home without the boot, just making sure that I keep the weight on the heel when doing that. Generally I feel like the initial month following the surgery has actually gone by fairly quickly, and progress has been constant and noticeable. That also makes me think that I need to now adjust my mentality somewhat, I need to settle in for the long haul of recovery and accept that progress will be relatively slower and the increments smaller (which isn’t saying I’m accepting a slow recovery). Otherwise I can see myself getting frustrated very soon :)

Here is also the mandatory scar update, so at 4 weeks + 1 day: