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2 Weeks post-op – Hello boot and FWB

Had my first appointment after the surgery today. Got the cast and stitches off, the scar was actually cleaner than I had anticipated, and there was effectively no swelling at all. To be honest, I’m not actually bothered about the scar in terms of looks at all, as long as it heals ok I’m happy. Should be noted that I have been able to have the leg up very strictly during the first two weeks, so that has possibly helped quite a bit. Stitches also came out easy, was told to possibly expect some fluid leakage in the next few days, but otherwise they were happy with how the scar looked (I do have photos as well, but still haven’t been able to figure out how to add them to the post).

Also had my first physio appointment at the same time, she tested the movement and had me do some short exercises to see what was happening. Everything was working well, and I had no problem having the foot at the 90 degree angle for the boot. She also took some measurements to follow progress over time, right now the injured calf was 1cm less around compared to the healthy leg (at the thickest point), but impossible to tell how much I have lost in the last two weeks as there is no starting reference. You can tell there’s a difference looking at the calves, but so far the difference isn’t massive. Got some exercises to do three times a day for the next two weeks (until the next physio), basically ankle flexion-extensions, rolling foot side to side, toe curls and a few other similar things. We discussed that we’d include resistance to the movements the next time.

Finally, I got fitted for the aircast walking boot, set directly at 90 degrees (no heel lift). No significant tightness at that angle, and the boot feels pretty comfortable (at least so far). I’m supposed to go full weight bearing right away as much as I can, and only use crutches if I start getting pain from walking without them or I want to use them for additional support for specific situations etc. I have now for a couple of hours been walking around the house without crutches and haven’t had any problems or any pain. All-in-all, so far everything seems to be moving along as well as it can be, and the additional freedom from moving around without crutches is a big lift mentally.