The Injury

Ok, so I thought I’d give this blog thing a try, as much for my own amusement and for logging down my thoughts / progress as anything else. I’m now 1-week post-op, so will divide this first post in to three separate shorter ones (injury, op, first week).

I guess my injury was about as typical as it gets, being a 37-year old fairly fit and active male, playing basketball in a recreational game with some colleagues. The event itself was completely harmless, was running backwards and set my right foot back to change direction to go forwards, no contact with anyone etc. Heard a pop (not quite sure if it was real or just in my head), felt like I had stepped in a hole, and got an immediate numb feeling in my ankle. I have a history of competitive sports with a number of ankle twists and turns, so despite there being hardly any pain I could immediately feel that something was clearly wrong.

With the help of my colleagues I got transported to the local hospital (I was travelling at the time). There it took the doctor about a minute to diagnose the ATR (Thompson test), and so I got the bad news, which wasn’t really a much of a surprise anymore at that point. As I was flying back home in a few days, they put the foot in a splint, and sent me packing armed with a few painkillers and clexane injections.

I spent the next day reading material online (this site was obviously very helpful), talking to some surgeon friends, and trying to figure out what to do. Based on a recommendation from a friend I got in touch with an orthopedic surgeon specializing in tendon ruptures and foot injuries at a private clinic specializing in sports injuries. Discussed the different options with him, and landed on surgical repair based on his recommendation (along with some other consultations with friends). We agreed that I would come to the clinic the day I was back from the trip, and if the foot wasn’t too swollen, it would get operated on immediately.

Managed to fly back uneventfully, thanks to my great colleagues who were more than happy to help out…

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