One Year Update

October 16th, 2019

I finished the marathon! Yea! All 26.2 ATR miles!!! I never thought this day would come.

October 10th was the one year mark from my surgery. When my doctor said it would take a full year to recover, where I didn’t think about my achilles anymore, I though he was exaggerating. But no, he was pretty much spot on. The achilles has been really good! I would say I’m at about the 97% level of recovery. I celebrated on the 10th by doing a 6 mile run on the treadmill. It was fabulous. It still gives me a little trouble toward the end of the day, depending on how much activity I did that day (like a run), but overall I’m really thrilled with how things have progressed. It’s also a little stiff in the morning, but that passes pretty quickly once I do my stretches. And I still do some icing at night if I think it needs it. But I never thought I would be able to walk without that nagging pain that I had been ignoring for years. Yet here I am, pain free walking.

I feel like I kind of dissed my fellow ATR people. Once I got the boot off and into two shoes, able to drive, I was off like a rocket. I really should have tried to update the blog more, if for nothing else but a journal of how things progressed in case I have to do the other foot on down the line. But I wanted to say thank you to all the fellow ATR people who supported me in my dark time. Your words of encouragement really meant a lot to me and kept me looking forward. Special shoutout to Kameuller, Cserpent, Dan914, Bruiser, tima and everyone else who were in the trenches with me at the same time. I hope you all have recovered nicely and are living your wonderfully mundane active lives. It’s the little things that we take for granted. I still think about my cast and crutches struggle when I take the trash out, walk out to check the mail or stop at the store. For all of you just starting your journey, it really is a marathon. Don’t get discouraged. Find happiness in the little bits of your life you get back on a week to week basis. Before you know it, you’ll be in two shoes.

It is both the best and worst thing that could have happened. Good luck and godspeed everyone!

    I’m a 48 year old gal that loves to run, hike with my dog and do yoga. I am constantly on the go and have a hard time sitting still. This injury is slowly killing me.
    • junebug has completed the grueling 26.2 ATR miles to full recovery!
      Goal: 365 days from the surgery date.
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