Odd sensations… 24 weeks after Surgery

First off I would like to apologise for not posting more regularly here, it has been HECTIC since I ruptured my achilles, which is odd, I know! Get injured, lift gets busier lol.
Ok, so I have had a weird tingling sensation in my Achilles, and when I say a tingling I don’t mean anything drastic. [...]

Jogging faster than expected!

So I spoke to my Physio about a week ago now, and asked when I’d be allowed to run. She says as my calf strengthens I will be able to run / jog again when the power comes back. Her advice was to jog for 30 seconds, and see how I get on, but a [...]

6 Months?!

So I went to physio on New Years Eve and she said I was doing really well, recovery is coming along great and I’m ahead of schedule (WAHOO! - I’ve worked hard for that!).
I have been given some more difficult balance exercises as well as some movement based strengthening and swimming pool / hydrotherapy work [...]

2.5 weeks in to Physio!

What’s crackalackin’ folks?! I hope you are all well and preparing for the festivities with your loved ones (I know I am!)!
Just a quick update, as I’m sure you are aware I haven’t posted on here for a few weeks and that is because I have been training a lot (Gym work) as well as [...]

My rupture story!

What’s up everybody!?
My name is JumpmanRugs, I’m 23 years old and I recently underwent a full repair on my Ruptured Achilles!
It happened 7 weeks ago yesterday (7th October) while playing Basketball. I have played basketball every day for the last 5 years and on my way to getting my first professional contract, I had a [...]