Odd sensations… 24 weeks after Surgery

First off I would like to apologise for not posting more regularly here, it has been HECTIC since I ruptured my achilles, which is odd, I know! Get injured, lift gets busier lol.

Ok, so I have had a weird tingling sensation in my Achilles, and when I say a tingling I don’t mean anything drastic. It has been great up until this point, I have set an all time deadlift PR, back joining in with drills and taking a little bit of contact at practice (4 weeks sooner than I should have been) and squatting heavy again, with weighted calf press work.

I took this past week off to go and visit family and had a strange sensation in my achilles. It was almost like the nerves were fusing together, that is the best way to explain it. Another way would be that I am much more aware of the the fact I had the injury this past week, and I haven’t had that really for a while.

I was just wondering if anybody else has had such a feeling so late in their recovery? I know I am ahead of schedule with things, and I haven’t had any setbacks or let up on the recovery thus far.

My theory was that it was finally getting a much needed rest, but I wasn’t sure..

DOes anybody else have any theories? I would really appreciate it if you would give some insight! :)

Thanks everybody and I promise to check back in more often now I’m in control again lol



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  1. Well it’s hard to say what’s going on with someone else. I can say at 20 weeks on my off days from calf work (anything involving the tendon) I often get nerve tingles. Don’t know why it happens on off days, but it does. Like you nothing serious, you just know it’s there.

  2. Hey going on 21 weeks post op. I believe it is part of the healing process. I was concerned about sharp pain few weeks ago that lasted for a couple weeks..I stopped going gym and just massaged and iced which stopped the sharp pain feeling. I think rest is critical to the healing process. I have been getting a lot of swelling and a little bump forming on bottom of my incision. I have been running 3X week and been running around on basketball court but not jumping yet. I don’t feel any pain but was curious as well if anybody is expreining more swelling than previous weeks

  3. Andrew it’s hard to tell you exactly what is going on, “sharp pain” feeling means different things to different people…so I’ll preface this by saying you should see your doc if you are concerned… If rest helped that tells you that you were doing too much….I get two types of pain…what I call “at the repair site pain” which is along the tendon, not sharp at all but more throbbing, a feeling of tenderness and it lasts all day sometimes….I get what I call Zaps, which are sharp, intense, and don’t last but a few seconds, those are due to nerve endings….the bump may be fluid built up and trapped, sometimes lymph nodes can get blocked making pockets of fluid, I only know this because it happened to me and it was at the top of my incision, and now that bump, after a few months is going down as I swell less and less. I only swell now if I use the tendon too much. I don’t do any high impact moves to work out or rehab. I still swell but not much and not often…(22 weeks now). If you had not been swelling and now you are, again it may be due to the high impact running stress to the healing tendon or just too much activity overall. Best of luck to you.

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