Jogging faster than expected!

So I spoke to my Physio about a week ago now, and asked when I’d be allowed to run. She says as my calf strengthens I will be able to run / jog again when the power comes back. Her advice was to jog for 30 seconds, and see how I get on, but a slow jog.

I didn’t do that. I jogged for 3.5 minutes the first time, and upped it 40 seconds every time thereafter. I went from 30 on, 30 off to 40 on, 20 off and now 60 on, 20 off, and then this morning I got up to level 12 on the treadmill which is kind of a faster jog / slow run and felt great. Of course I can feel that the Tendon has been working this morning, and can feel it now but I am feeling great. I haven’t been doing my stretches and strengthening as often as one would like, but at the same time I have been walking a good few miles every single day so it is getting worked. You may think it is stupid for me to not listen, but I know my body and I know what I can do. I told her from the start I was going to go off of instinct, and I plan to! My jog still looks a bit tentative, but I am confident in it at the same time! Footage to follow, but I am impressed and proud of myself for pushing!

I am back to physio stretches and strengthening now, twice a day. I want stronger calves so I can come back quicker. As stated in my previous blog post, they have given me the prediction of 6 months total from the date of surgery, which is 2.5 months away now and I’m determined to make it, at the latest I want to be playing again by the end of April, and I damn sure will be!

I am trying to update as often as I can, but work is very busy and so is training right now. The great thing is that I’m in what I feel to be the best shape of my life right now, just have to get back in to game shape when I can run again! I will be uploading my latest video very soon with me jogging.

2 Responses to “Jogging faster than expected!”

  1. Wow! I can’t wait to join you on the treadmill.

  2. Nice! I was playing golf at 8 weeks. Maybe not the smartest thing, but I went on total instinct, not just what I was told to do. I followed how things felt and stopped if I felt any pain.
    Always, always be careful where you step, but do a little pushing along the way and you will recover faster!

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