6 Months?!

So I went to physio on New Years Eve and she said I was doing really well, recovery is coming along great and I’m ahead of schedule (WAHOO! - I’ve worked hard for that!).

I have been given some more difficult balance exercises as well as some movement based strengthening and swimming pool / hydrotherapy work now, but not to make them easier, she wants me to use it as stronger resistance to make it harder, which is cool!

She said she had spoken to my consultant to check what procedures they were to follow, and all they said is I wasn’t allowed to play competitive basketball for 6 months (At this point, my heart sank and I blerted out ‘WHAT?! NO!’) but she said ‘Don’t worry, 6 months from the date of surgery’ - Which means that as of tomorrow (Wednesday 7th January 2014) I am half way through my recovery process!

I have been cleared to use all cardio equipment except the rowing machine in case I jolt myself, she said I could but I said I didn’t want to risk it and also only walking on the treadmill. I did 20k on the exercise bike and walked 3 miles yesterday, and as well as 20 mins high intensity plus 6 miles walking on Sunday (day before) and feel great! So happy with it and how it is coming. Despite being told not to I tried a tiny jog / run while I was out walking and managed it twice for about 15 metres (small steps too) so that’s progression at least!

It seems really fast to me (I’m not questioning it) but everybody I have spoken to with the injury (athletes) and from all my research, most people have been 8-9 months. Do you guys have any input here? Has anybody had a quick recovery?

I am putting it down to pushing harder than being told to (But still being sensible) and staying 100% positive the entire time!


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  1. I’m not sure what you’re asking with your question. Are you asking if you others could run at 12 weeks as you tried and were able to for a short distance? If not can you restate your question?

  2. I think the answer is Yes, that you’re ahead of the curve now. I don’t think that makes you immune to the “frustrating plateau” that usually starts soon, but you’re doing great, don’t stop! And don’t lose all of your nervousness and fear, either, because you can still suffer painful setbacks if you overdo. I outline a painful MONTH-long setback of my own on one of my blog pages - from following the advice of my sports-medicine-clinic PT, when I KNEW she was wrong!

  3. I am at almost 20 weeks. I have experienced periods where I thought I was making fast progress, then it has felt incredibly slow making it to the next breakthrough. I am just now starting to do very light plyometric type exercises and that seems to have kicked me up to the next level. I’m running on a treadmill, doing dynamic lunges and one legged jumping and hopping exercises in PT, rock climbing, and hiking off trail. No running on pavement yet or any activities that would require jumping or landing in uncontrolled environments.

    I have been pushing pretty hard through most of my rehab. I try to keep a good balance between workouts and recovery. I have noticed that if I push too hard, the additional downtime required during the subsequent days was probably counter productive. I am now happy with being back to normal, less the running and jumping activities, and have been seeing steady progress for the past few weeks. At his point am I happy to take what recovery my body gives me and to avoid any time consuming setbacks.

  4. I was asking if other people have had a recovery in 6 months and gone back to their normal activities, really.

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  5. Hi Norm!

    Thankfully I haven’t hit any kind of plateau at all yet, because I keep pushing and pushing. I haven’t lost my nervousness, but have gained confidence in my Achilles. I don’t want to not do enough because I wasn’t confident, but don’t want to do too much because I got too excited, so am doing what my body feels!

    I will take a look, thank you! I am sorry you had to go trough that!

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  6. How is 20 weeks? Are you almost fully healed?

    Thanks for sharing your story Derek! I have been pushing hard also, if I’m honest I haven’t had much down time at all because it drives me mad, i need to be locked away on days I don’t do anything, thankfully I am either walking or doing form shooting on those days so it’s active rest. How is it now? I’m excited to hear more!

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