2.5 weeks in to Physio!

What’s crackalackin’ folks?! I hope you are all well and preparing for the festivities with your loved ones (I know I am!)!

Just a quick update, as I’m sure you are aware I haven’t posted on here for a few weeks and that is because I have been training a lot (Gym work) as well as trying to juggle 12 hour shifts at work (Not by choice!)

I am currently 2.5 weeks in to Physio, originally she wasn’t pleased with how I was working because the hospital told me to take the boot off, but not to use crutches and I had essentially messed up my motor patterns for walking, so was taught how to do it again. I was given stretches for those 2 weeks and feel great doing them.


I have now progressed on to strengthening the calf as well as the stretches (All of this is documented on my youtube by the way, if you want to see; www.youtube.com/JRKDMG - Shameless plug alert!) and will be documenting that also. I have however pulled my right calf near the top of it in my physio sessions so will be doing more one sided weight bearing from the get go as opposed to both legs as instructed, but will of course be sensible with it.

I have finally got back in the gym to get my tree trunks back instead of these chicken legs (So gutted, they were favourite body part of mine!) and LOVED it, had no pain at all and was very selective with what I chose. Right now I will be doing the same leg session probably twice a week, and it only consists of 3 exercises - Quads, Hamstrings and Glutes and obviously my calves will be hit via my physio work until they are at a point I can do that.

You can see that here in a couple days;


I tried a body-weight squat a couple days ago, NAILED IT! I just had this instinctive feeling I could do it, so I did it. This is a big thing for me in this rehab, is going off of instinct and not just what I am told, as nobody’s body is the same!

Anyway, that’s me for now and I hope you are all well (As well as you can be) and I will respond to comments on my previous post tomorrow, in a rush!

Stay positive guys!


4 Responses to “2.5 weeks in to Physio!”

  1. Sounds great, but I’d concentrate on the exercises you can do a bunch of in a row. Lots of reps, low resistance. Strength and bulk will come.

  2. Exactly what I thought when I got back in the gym NOTN! I did 10 sets of each and started off light, when I knew it wasn’t hurting I pushed a bit more. It’s still not maximum weights but it’s enough to make a difference and save me mentally! I make sure to stretch inbetween my sets as well so nothing gets tight (Tendon wise, I mean)

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  3. I enjoyed the You Tubes, especially being able to go back to where you were at the point I’m at now. Thanks! Happy Holidays.

  4. Donna, thank you so much for your kind words! You are awesome!! Happy Holidays to you too!! :)
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