My rupture story!

What’s up everybody!?

My name is JumpmanRugs, I’m 23 years old and I recently underwent a full repair on my Ruptured Achilles!

It happened 7 weeks ago yesterday (7th October) while playing Basketball. I have played basketball every day for the last 5 years and on my way to getting my first professional contract, I had a trial for the professional team on my birthday in August. Unfortunately I didn’t make it, but I am playing for the next level down with the same organisation. This is the top amateur league in my country.

I moved up 4 days prior to the injury, and was really excited for the new season. I had been training beyond hard, pushing my limits and getting ready for the season. I turned up to my first training session eager to get play, and was doing well, and was told by my coach I could expect big minutes. I was out running everybody in punishments despite being not in game shape. I wasn’t quite in game shape as I had missed their pre-season training and we all know it’s a different level of fitness than one you can be ready for yourself. I had been working out every day, twice a day for a year on my skill work and strength training the year running up to it (Where we were there wasn’t a decent team close, so I didn’t play and just got myself ready to break on to the pro level).

It was a routine shooting drill, I took off as I always have for a jumpshot and felt something go as I springed off the floor. I thought somebody had caught their toe on my heel, or like I had been kicked in the calf as everybody seems to experience. One of the guys said they heard it pop, and I knew right away what I had done. There was no achilles there anymore, it was just jelly. My calf had also moved up a few inches, so it was pretty obvious what had happened.

I got myself out of training and just told people not to worry, I’d be fine. Obviously I wouldn’t lol!

I walked down to the train station (5 minutes walk) then ended up having delayed trains all night at the city centre station so was stood for 3 hours waiting and wandering around, then I got to another station and waited another hour, and then after that got to my final station and walked about 20 minutes to the hospital. I had my injury at 830 on the Tuesday night, and got myself to A & E at about 1am, was seen by 2am and home at 445am. I had a call at 730 the next morning (or a few hours later) and was told I was booked in for Surgery that day. I got to the hospital at 10am, went in for Surgery and came out again the same day.

I was back in the gym lifting weights (upper body - I’m not doing anything lower body until physio says I can) 2 days later while on crutches and in a 45 degree angled cast. After 2 weeks in that I went in to my aircast boot, which took a day to get used to before I could put my full weight on it.

I’m excited to start the next step in my recovery. My physiotherapy actually starts in 2 days. The doctors said I am ahead of schedule by a couple of weeks and 2 days ago (24th November), after 7 weeks, I was given the all clear to get back in to shoes and walk. I am doing so, though I may wear my boot to walk to the gym tomorrow morning as it’s uphill, just until it has loosened up a bit. My achilles is very tight but I just assume that is the stitching and the wound healing, plus the fact it hasn’t been stretched! We will see what Physio says on Friday but I will update you guys for sure.

If any of you are interested, I am documenting my journey completely uncensored on YouTube ( as I struggled to find readily available information from a regular member of the public (Not pro athletes with millions of ££/$$) in how they dealt with it and what comes with it.

I have not had one negative day yet, and I am putting that as a huge part of my speedy recovery, too many people get down when there is nothing you can do about it! Stay positive, and come back better than ever!! Of course I miss basketball, but I must just enjoy the process and make the most of it! :)

I hope all of you are well and are recovering fast, this is such a great idea for sharing stories, I wish I had found it when I first had the injury.

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  1. Great attitude, love it! Might as well be positive - as my Dad would say, “for the same price”!
    Walking uphill is a MAJOR challenge in early 2 shoes, you’re right to use the boot for it.
    Good luck, keep posting!
    Where are you? ATR Timeline Widget will answer that and other FAQs.

  2. As someone who once made a living on bball, I can imagine what a setback this feels like. I was lucky enough to escape any serious injury back then, now this is more of a hindrance rather than a threat to my livelihood. So great attitude, positive thinking can only help. And remember, Kobe seems to do ok after his ATR :)

  3. normofthemoon - Thank you so much! Yeah it’s really sore today, and I was walking in the boot too so it’s odd that it is. I think it’s from the last two days of not having it on. Feeling it in my knee where I’m scared to bend it though! Lots of screaming at Physio today! Haha, I’m in the UK, and I thought I had put the timeline widget on?! I’ll try again!

    gravity - Awesome! Where did you play?! How did you do yours this time? Thank you so much, i appreciate your kind words! Haha he certainly did, and I plan to come back with a chip on my shoulder just like my idol!

  4. I love your attitude and am sure that you will have a great recovery. Keep icing that ankle and it should east the ache!

  5. Bending your knee is a Good Thing! Especially when boot walking. Your ankle is the only joint you should be nervous about.
    I see the ATR Timeline Widget now (& the NYC Marathon one), but it doesn’t list your location. That’s entered in a separate step, IIRC (it’s been a LONG time since I did mine!), then the info/data goes into the Widget.

  6. Jumpman sorry for the late reply here, been busy… I played back in the late 90s in Finland, so looking at how the game has developed since, especially physically, I would have no business on the courts anymore :) And “for a living” in this context is what I considered a living back then, but it paid the bills… Funnily enough, I did my AT playing ball now, maybe it’s dangerous to play a game you once could actually play when you get older. My doc certainly had some pretty sarcastic comments about gents nearing 40 thinking they are 20, but it is what keeps him in business. Will update my own blog after the 6 week mark and fingers crossed will be able to talk about two shoes then…

  7. Gravity, that is so freaking awesome! Yeah it’s changed a lot since then haha, but at least the 90’s knew how to play hard basketball and not cry at fouls! Haha my surgeon actually made a comment like that and said ‘You don’t want to be a 40 year old guy trying to do things you could do when you were 20′. I disagree, I’ll still be aiming to school people at 40 haha!

    I hope you are in them, will check out your blog asap!!

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  8. My location is Scotland, and it’s flippin’ freezing haha!!

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  9. herewegoagain - You are awesome!! Thank you so much for your kind words!

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