Odd sensations… 24 weeks after Surgery

First off I would like to apologise for not posting more regularly here, it has been HECTIC since I ruptured my achilles, which is odd, I know! Get injured, lift gets busier lol.

Ok, so I have had a weird tingling sensation in my Achilles, and when I say a tingling I don’t mean anything drastic. It has been great up until this point, I have set an all time deadlift PR, back joining in with drills and taking a little bit of contact at practice (4 weeks sooner than I should have been) and squatting heavy again, with weighted calf press work.

I took this past week off to go and visit family and had a strange sensation in my achilles. It was almost like the nerves were fusing together, that is the best way to explain it. Another way would be that I am much more aware of the the fact I had the injury this past week, and I haven’t had that really for a while.

I was just wondering if anybody else has had such a feeling so late in their recovery? I know I am ahead of schedule with things, and I haven’t had any setbacks or let up on the recovery thus far.

My theory was that it was finally getting a much needed rest, but I wasn’t sure..

DOes anybody else have any theories? I would really appreciate it if you would give some insight! :)

Thanks everybody and I promise to check back in more often now I’m in control again lol



Jogging faster than expected!

So I spoke to my Physio about a week ago now, and asked when I’d be allowed to run. She says as my calf strengthens I will be able to run / jog again when the power comes back. Her advice was to jog for 30 seconds, and see how I get on, but a slow jog.

I didn’t do that. I jogged for 3.5 minutes the first time, and upped it 40 seconds every time thereafter. I went from 30 on, 30 off to 40 on, 20 off and now 60 on, 20 off, and then this morning I got up to level 12 on the treadmill which is kind of a faster jog / slow run and felt great. Of course I can feel that the Tendon has been working this morning, and can feel it now but I am feeling great. I haven’t been doing my stretches and strengthening as often as one would like, but at the same time I have been walking a good few miles every single day so it is getting worked. You may think it is stupid for me to not listen, but I know my body and I know what I can do. I told her from the start I was going to go off of instinct, and I plan to! My jog still looks a bit tentative, but I am confident in it at the same time! Footage to follow, but I am impressed and proud of myself for pushing!

I am back to physio stretches and strengthening now, twice a day. I want stronger calves so I can come back quicker. As stated in my previous blog post, they have given me the prediction of 6 months total from the date of surgery, which is 2.5 months away now and I’m determined to make it, at the latest I want to be playing again by the end of April, and I damn sure will be!

I am trying to update as often as I can, but work is very busy and so is training right now. The great thing is that I’m in what I feel to be the best shape of my life right now, just have to get back in to game shape when I can run again! I will be uploading my latest video very soon with me jogging.

6 Months?!

So I went to physio on New Years Eve and she said I was doing really well, recovery is coming along great and I’m ahead of schedule (WAHOO! - I’ve worked hard for that!).

I have been given some more difficult balance exercises as well as some movement based strengthening and swimming pool / hydrotherapy work now, but not to make them easier, she wants me to use it as stronger resistance to make it harder, which is cool!

She said she had spoken to my consultant to check what procedures they were to follow, and all they said is I wasn’t allowed to play competitive basketball for 6 months (At this point, my heart sank and I blerted out ‘WHAT?! NO!’) but she said ‘Don’t worry, 6 months from the date of surgery’ - Which means that as of tomorrow (Wednesday 7th January 2014) I am half way through my recovery process!

I have been cleared to use all cardio equipment except the rowing machine in case I jolt myself, she said I could but I said I didn’t want to risk it and also only walking on the treadmill. I did 20k on the exercise bike and walked 3 miles yesterday, and as well as 20 mins high intensity plus 6 miles walking on Sunday (day before) and feel great! So happy with it and how it is coming. Despite being told not to I tried a tiny jog / run while I was out walking and managed it twice for about 15 metres (small steps too) so that’s progression at least!

It seems really fast to me (I’m not questioning it) but everybody I have spoken to with the injury (athletes) and from all my research, most people have been 8-9 months. Do you guys have any input here? Has anybody had a quick recovery?

I am putting it down to pushing harder than being told to (But still being sensible) and staying 100% positive the entire time!


2.5 weeks in to Physio!

What’s crackalackin’ folks?! I hope you are all well and preparing for the festivities with your loved ones (I know I am!)!

Just a quick update, as I’m sure you are aware I haven’t posted on here for a few weeks and that is because I have been training a lot (Gym work) as well as trying to juggle 12 hour shifts at work (Not by choice!)

I am currently 2.5 weeks in to Physio, originally she wasn’t pleased with how I was working because the hospital told me to take the boot off, but not to use crutches and I had essentially messed up my motor patterns for walking, so was taught how to do it again. I was given stretches for those 2 weeks and feel great doing them.


I have now progressed on to strengthening the calf as well as the stretches (All of this is documented on my youtube by the way, if you want to see; www.youtube.com/JRKDMG - Shameless plug alert!) and will be documenting that also. I have however pulled my right calf near the top of it in my physio sessions so will be doing more one sided weight bearing from the get go as opposed to both legs as instructed, but will of course be sensible with it.

I have finally got back in the gym to get my tree trunks back instead of these chicken legs (So gutted, they were favourite body part of mine!) and LOVED it, had no pain at all and was very selective with what I chose. Right now I will be doing the same leg session probably twice a week, and it only consists of 3 exercises - Quads, Hamstrings and Glutes and obviously my calves will be hit via my physio work until they are at a point I can do that.

You can see that here in a couple days;


I tried a body-weight squat a couple days ago, NAILED IT! I just had this instinctive feeling I could do it, so I did it. This is a big thing for me in this rehab, is going off of instinct and not just what I am told, as nobody’s body is the same!

Anyway, that’s me for now and I hope you are all well (As well as you can be) and I will respond to comments on my previous post tomorrow, in a rush!

Stay positive guys!


My rupture story!

What’s up everybody!?

My name is JumpmanRugs, I’m 23 years old and I recently underwent a full repair on my Ruptured Achilles!

It happened 7 weeks ago yesterday (7th October) while playing Basketball. I have played basketball every day for the last 5 years and on my way to getting my first professional contract, I had a trial for the professional team on my birthday in August. Unfortunately I didn’t make it, but I am playing for the next level down with the same organisation. This is the top amateur league in my country.

I moved up 4 days prior to the injury, and was really excited for the new season. I had been training beyond hard, pushing my limits and getting ready for the season. I turned up to my first training session eager to get play, and was doing well, and was told by my coach I could expect big minutes. I was out running everybody in punishments despite being not in game shape. I wasn’t quite in game shape as I had missed their pre-season training and we all know it’s a different level of fitness than one you can be ready for yourself. I had been working out every day, twice a day for a year on my skill work and strength training the year running up to it (Where we were there wasn’t a decent team close, so I didn’t play and just got myself ready to break on to the pro level).

It was a routine shooting drill, I took off as I always have for a jumpshot and felt something go as I springed off the floor. I thought somebody had caught their toe on my heel, or like I had been kicked in the calf as everybody seems to experience. One of the guys said they heard it pop, and I knew right away what I had done. There was no achilles there anymore, it was just jelly. My calf had also moved up a few inches, so it was pretty obvious what had happened.

I got myself out of training and just told people not to worry, I’d be fine. Obviously I wouldn’t lol!

I walked down to the train station (5 minutes walk) then ended up having delayed trains all night at the city centre station so was stood for 3 hours waiting and wandering around, then I got to another station and waited another hour, and then after that got to my final station and walked about 20 minutes to the hospital. I had my injury at 830 on the Tuesday night, and got myself to A & E at about 1am, was seen by 2am and home at 445am. I had a call at 730 the next morning (or a few hours later) and was told I was booked in for Surgery that day. I got to the hospital at 10am, went in for Surgery and came out again the same day.

I was back in the gym lifting weights (upper body - I’m not doing anything lower body until physio says I can) 2 days later while on crutches and in a 45 degree angled cast. After 2 weeks in that I went in to my aircast boot, which took a day to get used to before I could put my full weight on it.

I’m excited to start the next step in my recovery. My physiotherapy actually starts in 2 days. The doctors said I am ahead of schedule by a couple of weeks and 2 days ago (24th November), after 7 weeks, I was given the all clear to get back in to shoes and walk. I am doing so, though I may wear my boot to walk to the gym tomorrow morning as it’s uphill, just until it has loosened up a bit. My achilles is very tight but I just assume that is the stitching and the wound healing, plus the fact it hasn’t been stretched! We will see what Physio says on Friday but I will update you guys for sure.

If any of you are interested, I am documenting my journey completely uncensored on YouTube (www.youtube.com/JRKDMG) as I struggled to find readily available information from a regular member of the public (Not pro athletes with millions of ££/$$) in how they dealt with it and what comes with it.

I have not had one negative day yet, and I am putting that as a huge part of my speedy recovery, too many people get down when there is nothing you can do about it! Stay positive, and come back better than ever!! Of course I miss basketball, but I must just enjoy the process and make the most of it! :)

I hope all of you are well and are recovering fast, this is such a great idea for sharing stories, I wish I had found it when I first had the injury.