One Year Anniversary!

This week marks my one year anniversary of having a heal spur removed and my AT debulking. I feel great! Sometimes I just stop and move my foot and am so excited that I don’t have any pain.  It is such a blessing! I have started doing Body Pump and was nervous about doing squats and lunges with weights, but it has been wonderful. I have also started doing Country Heat (a dance exercise program) for cardio and I can move my foot in any direction without pain or stiffness. I love having my life back! I hope that you will find this encouraging if you are just beginning your journey.

One Response to “One Year Anniversary!”

  1. Congrats on 1 year! I am at 8 months this week. Up to 45 minutes running 3 times a week.

    Doctor said 9-10 months will be a big break through.

    Is that what you experienced?

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