Almost 3 months post op

I haven’t updated in a while, so here it goes! I am feeling pretty good. I am wearing shoes. I am supposed to be wearing a brace, but I hate it and it hurts more than helps. I have good supportive shoes, so I feel pretty good. I feel pretty strong. Still no PT, but my friend is a PT, so she is helping me with stretches and checking my range. I am trying to stay on top of scar tissue. My swelling is not so bad. I am on my feet a lot, and days that I work noth jobs it is pretty swollen. I am off for seven weeks because I am getting ready to have another surgery (not on my foot), so I can take it a little easy. I am having pain at my incision site. Does anyone have recommendations on how to sooth this?

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  1. Hi Julie,

    Have you tried Bio Oil on your incision? I put it on mine morning and night and all pain has gone. It might be a coincidence but I would certainly give that a try.

    I also do a lot of self massage on the area to get the skin gliding over the achilles. That’s great at breaking down that scar tissue.

    Good luck!


  2. I did a lot of scar massage too. I found that even now if I do some real achilles strenuous activity (like hiking up REALLY steep hills) massaging the entire achilles/incision area makes things feel better.

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