Week 8

Some days I feel like I could dance, and some days I feel like crying. I have been in my boot for 2 1/2 weeks. I had pain for a while, but it is getting much better. I am on my feet all day. I try and take some breaks and take off my boot and put my foot up, but with little kids around it isn’t for long. I got a great pair of shoes that I would highly recommend. I bought them on Zappos.com. They are Alegria brand and have great support and the sole is thick enough that it is even with my boot. I feel like I am walking perfectly normal, and no more back pain. I am looking forward to when I can wear both of them! My doctor told me to bring shoes with me for my next visit in two weeks. It makes me a little nervous thinking about my foot being unprotected at work, but I will get over it. I am trying to break up the scar tissue around my incision area, but it is not going so well. My doctor still won’t recommend PT. I am trying to push for it, but don’t know if he will go for it. I am very lucky to work with a PT and she printed out lots of exercises, gave me theraband for stretching, and showed me how to massage to break up the scar tissue. She said I should be receiving PT. I know she will keep helping me if the doc won’t refer me. I am so thankful to be on the road to recovery. I have really gotten so out of shape (well…I haven’t been in good shape in years, but I did enjoy exercising and going to BodyPump classes). I am hoping to be able to get back to Bodypump and chasing the kids around in my classom soon!

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  1. You can still exercise - you just have to do it carefully. I can’t believe your doctor won’t have you do PT! I didn’t start PT until I was in 2 shoes and FWB, but I knew it was part of the plan. I don’t recall when I first started back at my Bodypump class, when my PT guy had me start doing squats I think - but I know initially I couldn’t do all the squats and when you would normally bounce a bit to lift the bar overhead I couldn’t do that bounce since it pained the achilles. I’m still getting all the strength back in the right leg and I’m at 6 months. It’s mostly there - but not quite all there. And, of course, the achilles is not back to full strength yet.

    So go ahead and get some exercise in! Sounds like you have a gym membership so go do some rowing and you can lift weights while sitting and do lots of one-footed ab exercises, … Read my blog or agnesatr for the various exercising we did - I talk about the exercises I did, she has pictures and videos :)

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